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life after hair extensions
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Life after hair extensions and what does it feel like? I have to be honest, when they first came out, it didn’t feel right, and it felt like I lost a part of me. I know this sounds way too dramatic for a Sunday read, but no joke, I just didn’t feel nice anymore. I missed them dearly, but knew I needed them out for a bit of a break because I had them in for a year and I know it probably doesn’t sound that long because there are others out there who have worn them for years and years and still continue to wear them, but for me, I just knew that if I continued with them, my hair wouldn’t naturally grow to what I’d like it to be, so out they came.

To my surprise though, my hair wasn’t as short as I thought it would be and is thanks to Perfectil, the hair, nails and skin supplements. I have been taken them since the beginning of January and have really noticed a difference in growth. However, my hair was still pretty thin and felt weak, so I needed to inject as much hydration and nourishment in to it as possible to get it back on track and to the point where I feel that I love it.

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I started using the Michael Van Clarke 3'''More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment which I have to tell you right now, it’s amazing! It basically preps my hair for washing, infusing it with cashmere proteins and helps to slow down the ageing process allowing my hair to grow faster and stronger. I apply this to dry hair as directed and leave it on for about an hour before rinsing off and then go straight on to shampoo. The set I have been using is from the Umberto Giannini Nourishing range, it's so rich and creamy and the only products that have actually moisturised and nourished my hair from root to tip. The packaging is super dreamy also, check out that rose gold labelling.

Next, on to treatment products, I have been loving the Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil coupled with the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum, these combined, work amazingly well at giving my hair the strength it needs and the also the length. For those who are longing for those long, luscious locks, I highly recommend giving these a go. My hair is still in it's mid stage of growing length, but compared to what it first looked liked after having the extensions out, I can definitely noticed a difference. As for tools, Tangle Teezer is trusty best friend, I started blow-drying my hair using the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool which takes my hair from wet to dry in minutes, no joke, it's such a good brush. The teeth is soft and doesn't tug or pull at the hair and the finished result is a smooth, soft blow dry. As for the rest of times, I carry my Hello Kitty Compact Styler for daily detangling and quick root refreshes, how cute is the design though? Do love a bit of Hello Kitty for sure.

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I'm not completely ruling out hair extensions again for the future because I do love them and love the way they looked on me. But at the moment, my main focus is to get my hair back to a more stronger and healthier state.

Have you had hair extensions before? If yes, how did you maintain them and what happened after you took them out?


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  1. Natalie
    6th November 2019 / 3:22 am

    They absolutely destroyed my hair. So much hair loss & my fine hair is now super thin & lifeless to the point that I’m not sure it’ll survive this trauma

    • julie
      6th November 2019 / 10:28 am

      Ahhh, so sorry to hear that. I managed to get my hair back to a good condition after a year, fingers crossed you can too. xx

  2. Elaine garland
    10th June 2020 / 1:08 pm

    I had hair extensions for 6 months…I had them taken out and it is paper thin…I can feel bristles growing back and I’m taking lots of vitamins so hopefully it will grow back !!!

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