MIND x Moonpig #PlantASmile Campaign

mind x moonpig #plantasmile campaign
mind and moonpig mental health
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This is the first time on my blog that I touch upon mental health awareness and it definitely won’t be the last as I think it is super important to raise awareness of it and the fact that affects so many of us daily.

Mental health organisation MIND recently teamed up with Moonpig, the personalised greeting card and gift retailer to launch a new range of flowers and cards to spread the message that no one should face mental health problems alone. The campaign, named #PlantASmile went live on the 16th January, the day we all call Blue Monday aka the so-called ‘most depressing day of the year’. MIND and Moonpig’s aim of this launch is to bust the myth and remind people that mental health problems can happen on any day of the year, at any time and that family and friends can play a huge part in being there for someone all year round.

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A recent study commissioned by Moonpig found that just over a fifth of people would send a get-well card to someone who is living with a mental health problem at home, compared to over half of people who would send a card to someone suffering from a physical health problem. However, over two thirds who live with mental health problems said receiving a gift or a kind act would make them feel like someone cared about them and a further 65% stated that this would make them feel as though they’re not alone.

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If you or you know someone that is suffering from mental health problems, please don’t ignore it and act today. Your actions can make a huge difference, something as simple as sending a card, picking up the phone or paying a visit all counts. Moonpig have launched a ‘Thinking Of You’ bouquet and a selection of ‘Thinking Of You’ cards with proceeds from purchases going towards MIND.

For further information on the #PLANTASMILE campaign, please visit the Moonpig website here

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