10 Ways To Simplify Your Everyday

10 ways to simplify your everyday
10 ways to simplify your everyday
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Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed with your everyday life? I, very often feel like I have at least a hundred tabs open at once, work, family, day to day, blogging, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in everything and to start feeling like there’s just not enough time for all. Even though I have always considered myself as an organised person, I do have times where I just can’t focus and think and it does frustrate me, but over the years, I have learnt to not fuss over small things, prioritise my work load and generally eliminate anything that I have no use for. In today’s post, I am sharing ten ways to simplify your everyday life, for me, using these steps have worked wonders and I hope it will for you too.

Create some sort of start routine

I know this sounds boring AF, but trust me on this one, having a routine to start the day is life changing. I use to find myself rushing out the door every morning, hurry here, there and everywhere and it just wasn’t working. Nowadays, I get up half an hour earlier and have more time to prepare myself, write my to-do-list without constantly thinking I’m going to be late.

Planning the day

Leading nicely on from the first point, knowing what to expect throughout the day will ensure you feel more organised. Planning ahead also helps you find time to fit pretty much everything in and setting yourself small goals will keep you on track.

Visualise your small goals

Small goals meaning something as simple as doing the washing, finishing off a book or organising your nail polish collection. Noting it down and visualising getting it done will help heaps, especially when you have a lot on and don’t know where to start. I tend to start with the most-dreaded task first, get that out the way, then focus on the more exciting things.

Clean and tidy as you go

Be it washing up after eating, or tidying up the bed as soon as you get up, doing small tasks like these as you go will mean you spend less time thinking that you need to go back to it, it will ensure you are more productive and keep the lazy bugs away.

Declutter as much as you can

There’s honestly nothing better than a good old declutter of everything. Get rid of old clothes, beauty products, electronic, kitchenware, books, furniture – donate or chuck out what you can and you will feel so much better. It also gives you an excuse to go out and purchase some new things to re-vamp, so that’s always good.

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Declutter digitally

As well as a standard declutter, consider doing the same digitally. Go through your desktop/laptop and delete old files that you don’t need, move the stuff you want to keep to an external hard-drive. Also, have a look through your phone, delete apps you don’t use, again, move photos and notes out, just have a general clear up of all your devices.

Schedule times for emails and calls

If you get a ton of emails and calls a day, schedule a particular time or two in a day to reply to them, unless they’re urgent, of course. I find that having a set time (an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon) allows me to focus on my work without distraction and keeps me on track to achieving the small goals I had planned.

Re-evaluate your circle of relationships

Wasting time and effort on people who don’t care about you or appreciate your time is a big no, no. Get rid of those relationships, cut ties and invest time in those who really care. It’ll do wonders for your lifestyle and well-being spending your precious time with those who really want to know you.

Overhaul your commitments

Think about what you really enjoy and don’t enjoy doing, list them all down and mark off what you don’t need to commit to anymore. Whether it’s a responsibility, a hobby, a past time, figure out if you really want to invest time in to it and if not, give it up.

Sometimes, it is okay to say ‘no’

You know, sometimes, when you just don’t want to do something, its okay, just say no. Don’t feel obliged to have to say yes to everything that comes your way because you will burn out and it’s not a nice feeling. No one will think less of you, because at the end of the day, you are taking care of yourself and that’s all that matters.

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Do you often feel overwhelmed? If yes, how do you cope with being busy and juggling work, home and social life?



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