7 Steps To A Career Detox

7 steps to a career detox
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When it comes down to detoxing, do you automatically think it’s something to do with food, like cutting out junk and just drinking juices for days? That’s the first thing I use to think of anyways, but nowadays, the word detox is used for almost everything and in today’s post, I am talking about career detoxing. Now, this isn’t aimed as a tips post on drastically changing career paths, but more about organising, prioritising and how to get the best out of your current role or a future role. At the end of the day, I believe that putting the same amount of effort as you would for a health detox could produce some amazing results and help you build and develop as you go along.

career detox

Step 1

Start every day off by decluttering your inbox, sort through your emails and ensure they go in to correct folders and mark the ones that require urgent attention. If you are constantly getting emails that you no longer open, unsubscribe from them and subscribe to the ones you really want to receive.

Step 2

As well as making daily notes and lists, start some sort of work journal or targets board. There’s nothing better than writing down all your goals and dreams and collecting all the moments of the process of achieving them. Month after month, you can slowly chip away at it and see how far you come along.

Step 3

Keep your CV up to date by constantly updating and adding to it. Adding in new skills and achievements will keep you super organised in the long run, so you have less to think about when the time comes. Another good way to keep up to date is to delete all your old ones from your folders, by doing this, you will know that the only one left is the one to use.

Step 4

I have this habit of spending 20 minutes every morning checking my banking app and figuring out how much I can spend that day. By doing this, it allows me to work out what to save on and what I can splurge on daily. It’s also a good way to keep on top of it and by knowing exactly how much you have, there is more control over spending.

Step 5

Scheduling time for stuff like using your phone to browse the internet and use social media will keep you on track throughout your working day. Set a few 20 minute intervals in a day and don’t touch your phone until the allocated time. Whether it’s the first thing in the morning, on your lunch break or before you go bed, stick to your dedicated time, so you don’t get distracted. Training yourself will keep you on track and in line with achieving your daily targets.

Step 6

When work is finished, don’t talk about work anymore. Whether you’re out and about or not, if someone asks the question ‘How’s work?, just keep it brief and start talking about something else. As much as you want delve in, after work time is YOUR time, talk about other things, holiday plans, what’s on your shopping wishlist etc.

Step 7

Have you ever considered writing a letter to your future self? I remember doing these at school and then opening them when I finish in 6th form and it was such a lovely thing to read. Writing down your goals and seeing how far you’ve gone to achieve them allows you to reflect and gives ideas for more plus, it’s a huge motivation boost.

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Let me know if you found this post useful and whether you already follow these steps or will attempt to do so.





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