How To Deal With Negativity On Social Media

how to deal with negativity on social media
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Being on on the internet and sharing your life with the world is daunting to say the least. But having to deal with negativity is something we all need to develop a thick skin towards and regardless of whether you're on any form of social media at all, negativity is something that affects all of us. People often project hate because it's easy for them to hide behind the screen of a computer, tablet or phone and they don't understand the amount of upset they cause. I am lucky that I don't often get a lot of negativity on this little corner of the internet, but when I do, I deal with it and here some ways that I tried and tested and I hope it will help anyone who experiences hate on social media.

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Delete the negativity




I always found that deleting the negative comments make me feel ten times better because if I don't see it, I won't be reminded of it and it won't grow on me. However, if I feel that I can reply with something constructive, then I will. I have never been one to draw attention, so I would never reply with the intention to offend or upset others even though the person who made the comment's initial intention is to hurt, but I would never bow down to that. The only thing I think about if I do decide to reply is whether it will cause them to reply again and start stirring it up more, but there's always that block button if it happens and they will eventually get bored and move on.

Try not to take it personally




Always remember that negative comments don't define you and it is human nature to want to please everyone, but you can't, it's impossible, so don't try to. Instead, learn to accept them and take them with a pinch of salt, in time, you will learn how to deal with them appropriately. I do understand that it's not easy to not let them get to you, but the truth is, in every profession, there will be some sort of feedback that needs facing, but ultimately, it is what you're passionate about that keeps you going, so don't ever stop what you're doing if it makes you happy.

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Move on and stop worrying




Don't let someone's negativity linger on you for too long, move on and stop worrying about it. Most of these people don't actually know you personally and it's not worth losing energy over. Seriously, they're not worth any time of your day, it's what YOU think that matters. Carry on doing what you're doing and soon these people will get bored once they know you don't give a s**t about their comments. At the end of the day, that saying 'haters gonna hate' rings loud and it's not you, it's them.

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Have you been the subject of social media negativity before? If yes, how did you deal with it?



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