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spring table settings
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As a fairly new homeowner, getting everything right in terms of how I want my own place to look comes with time. We all have images in our head of how we want our dream home to look like and mine currently consists of a colour palette of whites, greys, copper and a pop of pastels here and there. From choosing furniture to picking out the correct curtains, all the way to the finer details, it’s actually quite time consuming and if it doesn’t look right, you have to start all over again. I have been in my new place for four months now and I’m still finding my feet, but slowly and surely, I will get there and I’m super excited for how it’s going to pan out.

There are certain categories I do enjoy shopping for when it comes to home stuff, firstly, beauty storage is my ultimate favourite, dressing table decorations, office accessories and funnily enough, dinnerware. I find that all those small detailed items really make a home feel like home and especially when it makes the place look unique, then you know, it’s a winner.

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I recently got some new dinnerware from Amara - I know what you’re thinking, I’ve only been moved in for four months, what have I been using before? Well, I bought two boxes of those classic white twelve piece dinner sets which, trust me, are great, but there was just no character to them. So after having a good old browse through Amara’s spring collection, I was instantly drawn to the Sugarbush range. I really like the blue and yellow mixed in with the orange and it definitely makes the dinner table pop. These will last me throughout the summer, then as soon as autumn hits, I’ll be looking to change it up a little and look for some autumnal themed items. Then, there’s Christmas and that’s a whole different ball game overall. Who would have thought I’d be so much in to buying dinnerware, I see it like fashion though, you always have to switch to match the seasons.

I’ve still got a way to go with being completely happy with how the flat looks now, the bathroom and kitchen is what needs to be worked on next and I can’t wait to start adding touches to it.

amara sugarbush range

Do you have a favourite theme for home décor?



*Items were gifted by Amara for this post, however all opinions are my own.


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