The Dream Garden Inspiration Board

the dream garden inspiration board

Since young, I have always been an outdoorsy kinda kid, playing in the parks, riding my bike and generally just loved being out and about. This hasn’t changed in my adult life, I still very much enjoy being out and about, in the open, with friends and family and that is why I have always longed for a huge garden space when I moved out.

Getting a place of your own has proven difficult for a while, especially for those who earn an average wage, saving for a deposit takes years, and I’m sure in this day and age, we all know how impossible it is to buy in London, there is just no way I was able to afford something in the city I called home since I was born. The buying process isn’t easy either, I never understood it until I had to and I even wrote about the 8 Stages To House Buying which went down really well actually because unbeknown to me, a lot of people out there also didn’t understand it and I am glad I was able to help them ‘get’ it as such.

Back to the core of this post, I got my own properly late last year and because of it being a flat, I don’t have a garden which saddens me, but hey ho, I had to take my first step on the property ladder at some point. I have always known how I want my dream outdoor, garden space to look like and one day, I will make that a reality. In the meantime, I have been adding my favourite garden inspiration themes to my vision board and wanted to share them with you all today, let me know what you think of them and what your favourite garden theme is.

whimsical garden ideas

Not going by tradition and saving the best till last, this theme is my favourite for a garden. White furniture, cute bunting designs and fairy lights. Probably not very outdoor friendly thought because it can get dirty easily and resembles wedding, but it’s just so pretty and super instagrammable. Ideally, in the summer, it would be amazing to camp in the garden, whilst all the fairy lights are lit and enjoy a glass or two of wine, my perfect idea of bliss.

Ivory Bunting | Outdoor Sofa Set | LED White Fairy Lights | Lunar Lantern Lights | Aluminium Garden Set | Rose Wall Art
jungle fever garden
Jungle Fever

I have always loved palm tree printed home décor, I mean, if I can’t get away and lie under a real palm tree, I may as well recreate it at home right? With this theme, it’s all about the oak or dark wood effect furniture which matches the branches of the tree nicely. Then, there would be a plethora of cushions, throws, bean bags and green plants to fit in with the theme, it would almost be like rainforest jungle.

Tropical Print Cushion Cover | 3 Seater Ratten Garden Set | Knitted Throw | Palm Tree Props | Green Leaves Cushion | Recliner Bean Bag
julie ly lifestyle blogger
Cute and sweet

If you know me well, you’ll know I have a massive sweet tooth, so naturally that transfers on to my taste in décor. I’m a massive fan of all things cute, sweet and girlie. With this theme, it’s really hard not to make it look like a children’s play area, but oh my god, how cute would it be to have ice cream bunting, cupcake stands and pink table and chairs. Not forgetting all the flowers too, I would an array pastel coloured blooms everywhere, afternoon tea party anyone?

Pastel Blue Outdoor Dining Set | Ice Cream Bunting | Jam Jar LED Light | Pink Cake Stand | Pastel Fairy Lights | Pink Heritage Bistro Set

Which theme is your favourite? If none of the above, what would your dream garden look like?

*This post is in collaboration with Fishpools.



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