8 Things To Do In Barcelona

8 things to do in barcelona

For all Barcelona newbies or even if you have been before and didn’t come across these places, then here’s ‘8 Things To Do In Barcelona’ – hope you enjoy!

hotel indigo barcelona
1 ) Stay at Hotel Indigo, Plaza Catalunya

Hotel Indigo is nicely situated close to all the famous Barcelona attractions allowing easy walking access to pretty much everywhere. It’s around 20 minutes from the airport and easy to get to by taxi or by public transport. Despite this hotel being quite central, it’s actually super quiet during the day and night. You can read my full review here.

artespanol barcelona
2 ) Try Paella at ARTEspanol

For a wide array of paella flavours that taste amazing, ARTEspanol is the place to try out. The food was yummy, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere of the restaurant as a whole was great.

garage beer co barcelona
3 ) Drink beer at Garage Beer Co

Whether you’re more of a stout or hoppy beer fan, Garage Beer Co will be right up your street. The place doesn’t actually look that appealing from the entrance, but when you step inside, it’s honestly, a really cool and quirky place to be and they have a really good selection of beers.

la sagrada familia
ciutadella park
4 ) Visit the La Sagrada Familia, Arc De Triomf and Ciutadella Park

These famous attractions are a must see and as cliché has it sounds, these are the best spots for your photos, especially for Instagram. If you would like to go inside the La Sagrada Familia building, I highly recommend booking tickets the day before to avoid long queues or them selling out. I made this mistake and sadly didn’t get a chance to go inside. Arc De Triomf is Barcelona’s version of Paris’s Arc De Triomphe, and also leads on to Ciutadella Park which is a lovely and huge park. It’s a great place explore

las ramblas food market
5 ) Take a walk down Las Ramblas

Because, did you really go Barcelona if you didn’t take a walk down Las Ramblas? This stretch, honestly has the best atmosphere and if you wonder off to the side, there’s a huge food market inside and you HAVE to try the crepes, they’re so, so delicious!

delacrem ice cream
giovanni ice cream
6 ) Eat ice cream Delacrem or Giovanni or both (I did!)

The yummiest ice cream you will ever eat in Barcelona come from Delacrem and Giovanni – no joke, honestly, they serve the best ice cream. And it’s not only the flavours that make it so special, it’s the texture of the whip itself, it’s not too frozen, yet not too soft, it’s just very perfect in every way.

park guell barcelona
7) Visit Park Guell

For the architecture alone, Park Guell is a definite must-see. Again, a bit like the La Sagrada, if you want to see the artwork within the park, I advise booking tickets beforehand. However, even if you don’t go inside, the surrounding areas outside are also lovely and you can get some amazing views of the city.

julie ly travel blogger
8 ) Eat all the tapas and I mean - ALL the tapas!

Spanish tapas is a must in Barcelona, at every corner of every street, you will find a restaurant that serves tapas and if you like seafood, you’re in for a treat because there is a lot of amazing fish tapas dishes to try. Sitting outside and washing tapas down with an ice cold beer was one of the best highlights for me in Barcelona, so definitely try it all.


If you’re travelling to Barcelona soon, I hope you found this post useful. If you have any other questions about visiting, please email or tweet me (@rainingcakeblog) and I’d happily help out.


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