Jo Malone Blossom Belle Collection

Jo Malone Blossom Belle Collection
jo malone osmanthus cologne
jo malone plum blossom

To say I was the biggest Jo Malone fan would be an understatement – there are no words to describe my love for the brand and the products. Each year, trip after trip, without a doubt, I will always pick up a new scent at duty free to remind me of the events of that particular year and it always brings back the best memories every time I spritz that cologne. There’s just something special about each scent, and I can’t wait to keep adding to my collection.

I know that we are past spring now, and currently in full on summer mode, but I just want direct your attention to three beautiful, limited edition Jo Malone colognes that forms the Blossom Belle collection – you will fall in love, I’m sure of that.

If Blossom Belle rings a bell (haa!), then you may well have heard or seen the collection previously, as it is a relaunch. So for those who missed out previously or simply want to restock from a purchase before, now’s the chance to snap one or three up. I mean, who wouldn’t want to? Just look at how pretty the bottles are and I absolutely adore the pastel caps and cute ribbons that adorn the bottle. However, these beautiful scents are currently, only available at duty free, so if you’re travelling soon, or know someone who is travelling and would like to try them out or stock up, then you won’t be disappointed one bit.

The three colognes within the Blossom Belle range are:
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Jo Malone Osmanthus Cologne


Not following tradition and saving best until last, I’m going to start with my favourite out of the three. Osmanthus is such a light and fresh scent and sits lovely on my skin for the whole day. The fruity notes of peach, apricot and orange makes it sound super sweet and young, however, the added note of cashmere wood adds that hint of maturity to it, it’s definitely one of those that you need to have a sniff of to understand it better. It’s currently my go-to summer scent and if you’re a fan of fresh, clean and light scents, then you’ll enjoy this one.

Jo Malone Silk Blossom Cologne



If you’re a fan of floral fragrances, then Silk Blossom is the perfect choice. It’s a real soft and powdery scent coupled with a plethora of flowery notes. I particularly love the fact that the bottle has a pink cap and ribbon which suits the cologne very well, you can almost visualise it all together if you was testing this scent blindfolded. It’s a lovely fragrance for every day wear and the combination of floral and soft spicy notes makes this an unforgettable one.

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Jo Malone Plum Blossom Cologne


This is the muskier one of the three and if you’re not a fan of sweet delicates or floral scents, then Plum Blossom is for you. The woody and musky concoction is something a bit deeper, yet still light enough for the warmer weather. Notes of plum gives off a slight hint of fruit, yet ylang ylang, white musk and sandalwood brings it all together to give us the more muskier side of the fragrance. It’s a beautiful and endearing scent and I can definitely see this lasting in to autumn season making it a lot more versatile than the other two.

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All three of these colognes are travel exclusives and only available at World Duty Free, priced at £73.60 for 100ml. If you could pick one favourite out of the three, which one would it be?



*This post contains PR samples.


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