Why You Need To Take Time Out

why you need to take time out
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The ones who know me well, know that I never actually stop. I am busy every day, with just about everything in my life. If it’s not my job, then it’s my blog or it’s my home as well as making time for friends and family. When I do actually stop and rest, be it relaxing on the sun lounger on holiday or simply sitting on the couch, I am on my phone, catching up on social media, reading the news etc. The thing is, I don’t actually do ‘off days’ very well at all, on the off days, I’m still constantly thinking about what I need to do next and what I actually should do next.

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I recently went away on a trip to Singapore and during that whole week, I was constantly snapchatting, taking photos and recording video footage because I needed to get as much content as possible for upcoming posts. It was only when I spent a good three days shifting from camera to camera, with a jam-packed schedule, that on the fourth day, I completely crashed by the end of the day and knew that my body needed to rest and thoughts of just how important it is to slow down kept running through my head. So, for the next couple of days, I took it easy and it actually felt amazing just doing nothing and that was and should be the main focus when it comes to taking time off.

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If like me, you’re also in a similar position, I find that taking some time out to make a vision board along with a list of tasks really helps. I don’t do anything too fancy, I need something that’s quick to put together and has an effect, so I will just grab a piece of paper, some highlighters and my notebook and pen and draw something that resembles a 5 year old’s spider-gram drawing of what I need to achieve that week. In my notebook, I will write down when those particular tasks need completing by and set a deadline for it. By doing this, I can then match it up to my calendar and work when exactly I will have some time free or a day free to just spend on myself.

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Being in the world of blogging has its ups and downs, the ups are certainly meeting new people, being exposed to the latest launches and generally creating beautiful content for everyone to read. The downs (which aren’t that many in my world), is probably not spending the time I want to spend on it and the fear of missing out (FOMO as the cool kids call it). Especially as blogging requires such a social presence amongst everything - replying to emails, comments, tweets becomes second nature, but I do have to sit back and question if I didn’t reply to that comment right now, would it make a difference to my life? The answer is no, that comment or email can wait until tomorrow and I should shut down and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

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I’d love to know what you guys do to ensure you take time off. Do you ‘really’ switch off? If you have some tips, I’d love to know.


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