15 Ways To Reward Yourself Because You Deserve It

15 ways to reward yourself because you deserve it
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Accomplishing something deserves rewards always – not in that materialistic kinda way, but you know, small little treats for doing something good, for something that you’re proud of and for something that you have worked hard for. These things can be anything from passing an exam to achieving your weekly/monthly targets or even if you smashed that work out in the gym. Rewarding yourself does the world of good for your mood and gives you that extra boost of motivation to exceed yourself – ever wondered how you can do this? Here’s 15 ways to treat yourself…..


1 ) Have a bubble bath – the ultimate relaxation reward.

2) Indulge in something sweet – a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s is my go-to.

3) Get a manicure/pedicure – the quickest feel-good treat.

4) Have dinner out – in your favourite restaurant and get dressed up.

5) GO SHOPPING – everyone’s absolute favourite and don’t come home empty-handed.

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6) Watch a movie in bed with loads of snacks – chilli Doritos and marshmallows (not together at once) are my weakness.

7) Read a book or your favourite magazine – add in a mug of hot chocolate and your treat is complete.

8) Listen to music – play it out loud, have a dance and sing-a-long.

9) Pick up a bunch or several bunches of fresh flowers – this always brightens my mood.

10 )If you want to go out, out, why not head to the cinema – hit up your best friend, grab some popcorn and slushies and watch a feel-good movie.

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11) Have a lie-in – an additional 15-20 minutes in bed does wonders.

12) Have an alcoholic beverage – wine is my ultimate go-to treat after a long week.

13) Go out and explore – find somewhere you have never been before, take your camera and snap lots of photos. I love doing this as it opens me up to new places.

14) Organise a girly sleepover – there’s nothing better than having a good old chinwag with your favourite girls with copious amounts of fast food, drinks and chocolate.

15) Take time away from the internet – log off your social media channels, switch off your emails and just take time out to focus on you.

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Have you got certain ways to reward yourself for achieving something? If yes, let me know, I would love to add it to my list.


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