How To Be More Confident

how to be more confident
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Everyone always says “you can spot confidence a mile off” and it’s true, you can. I’m not talking about someone who’s arrogant or full of themselves, but the ones who believe in themselves, supports others and has ambition. Someone who knows exactly what they want, who works hard to achieve, yet stays true to themselves, always.

Having transformed from a super shy person to who I am now and I’m definitely not saying that I’m completely confident with everything, but I feel that since starting this blog to express my love of writing/sharing and my Youtube channel, it has helped me excel in confidence and become the person I am today. I’m not saying that the only way to become confident is to be online, that’s just my personal experience, there are other ways of course and I wanted to share a few with you today.

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Go for what you love



Again, stemming back to the previous paragraph, I love writing and sharing. I don’t particularly have the skills of a professional editor, but what I love doing is, talking to you guys through my writing, as though we are all friends and you’re chatting to your mate on a weekly basis. This has helped me build my confidence in speaking to people, in expressing how I feel and in sharing experiences. It’s such an amazing achievement to be able to do what you love and in turn, it helps on a personal level.

Inspire one another



Being confident opens doors to many more courageous attributes such as empowering others, being strong and being kind. Empowering starts with the way we treat others and it should never solely rely on competition. Always think of how your actions can fiercely inspire and be determined in realising there is no need to compete. I mean, a little healthy competition does no harm, but when you see others succeed, celebrate with them. Changing you mind-set will allow you to be more confident, happier and will give you the courage to empower others because it empowers you.

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Look for your passion



Always search for the passion in everything you do. To do this, you need to encourage yourself to get to know yourself better. Find out what you love and care about - quite frankly, these are the things that you will always feel confident about. Once you figure that out, you will become more focused on your passion and as ever-evolving humans, we learn more about ourselves. The experiences will give us the knowledge and self-awareness to succeed from our passions and will take confidence to a new level.

Dress confidently


This one is a big, big one. How we dress always defines how we feel – for example, when you feel like lazy and lethargic, you immediately opt for a sweater and comfy bottoms, right? When you feel confident, you immediately want to show off your best assets in your favourite dresses for example. To enable confidence, trying something a new and spicing up your wardrobe speaks a thousand words and brings out self-esteem visually and mentally. Colour also plays a part, there must be particular colours that suit your skin tone and immediately enables confidence as soon as you put it on. Use it to your advantage, use it to build confidence and use it to shine.

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Know your abilities



Everybody is good at something – do you know what your skills are? Make a list of all the things you’re good at and use them to get to know yourself a bit better. I can assure you that this is massive confidence booster and never be afraid to blow your own trumpet now and again. If you are finding it hard to list all your abilities, ask a friend or family member, these people should know you well enough to tell you your best skills which in turn, will make you feel more sure about yourself. Give it a go and see what the outcome looks like.

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Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts on how to be more confident.



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