Feeling Confident In The Summer #AD

feeling confident in the summer
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Summer has always been my favourite time of the year. I think, generally, I’m speaking for the whole nation here – we all love a bit of the sun, we all love embracing the warmer weather and summer makes us feel happier and more social, would you agree? Everyone has different ways to prepare themselves for each season and when it comes to the warmer climates – all I want to do is show off some skin in some pretty clothing (not in a full-blown exposure way), but I just love feeling the sunshine on my skin, so naturally, I have it on show more.

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I have always believed in the method of ‘showing only one big part of skin’, in that sense, I mean – if you’ve got your legs on show, don’t go fully uncovered on top and vice versa. I just think that this is more of a classier way to show skin and also, it gives me that little bit of extra confidence in showing off my best parts too. Another factor I always consider when it comes to deciding whether to expose skin or not, is actually the tone of it – what I mean by that is – I love having tanned skin. Tanned skin makes me feel ten times more confident and in my opinion, not only does it looks better with clothing, it also enhances my natural skin tone, makes me look healthier and overall, gives me that radiant glow. Now, I don’t always get a chance to go away and soak up some real rays, but what I do enjoy is popping on a bit of fake tan to achieve the same result and quite frankly, it’s a lot safer than spending hours and hours in the sun.

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I have tried all kinds of fake tan, from the lighter, gradual ones to the full on, extra dark ones and I love them all, albeit, some are better than others and I use certain ones for different occasions. For an everyday glow, I always opt for gradual tanners – these are body moisturisers with tanning agents in it to help achieve a tan gradually. So for those who are beginners to fake tan, these would be perfect to start off with. For a deeper looking shade, I tend to use medium toned fake tans, these generally come in form of lotions or mousses and are applied to the skin, left on overnight and voila, in the morning, you have an amazing looking tan. For that popping glow, an extra dark shade is what I go for and I don’t often use them, but for special occasions, I will do my full whack routine of exfoliation, moisturise dry areas and then apply the tan. These types of tans usually stay on overnight and then the guide colour is washed off the next day to reveal the ultimate tan of all tans.

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As I lead a pretty busy lifestyle, I don’t always have the time to follow a strict tanning routine, so my favourite type of product to help keep my tan going has to be gradual tanners. As much as I love the quick effect of medium/dark tans, they do require time and effort daily and I just don’t always have the time for it. This is where the Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer comes in – it’s a gradual tanner that is designed to care and moisturise the skin whilst building a natural-looking tan. Not only does it give me skin that looks healthy, but with the added hint of shimmer, it defines and makes my skin glow like never before. Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Shimmer contains a highly moisturising formula which helps to minimise streaks and another plus point is – it has a fruity, floral scent which means - no more smelling of burnt biscuits.

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I have always been pretty confident in my own skin, but having a tan definitely ups my confidence, allowing me to reach in to my summer wardrobe with ease and not having to worry about how my skin looks or feels. And now you can feel the same too – the lovely guys at Dove are offering one lucky reader the chance to win the Summer Revived collection - all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and a winner will be chosen at random.

Competition rules:
  • 1 winner only
  • MUST enter via the Rafflecopter widget
  • Unfortunately, this giveaway is for UK entrants only
  • Competition ends on Tuesday 5th September at 12am (UK time)

Good luck!


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