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I thought after my mammoth skincare post over a month ago, I would take a break from talking about skin products for a while. However, as soon as I clicked publish on that post, I delved straight in trialing the Jalue Ice Therapy and after two weeks of use, I knew it was an experience I wanted to share with you all. I, obviously stuck out and tried the product properly for another two weeks (recommended four weeks use) and it’s a definite thumbs up from me and something I would highly recommend giving a shot at. Let me tell you more about the product first and its use and then we’ll go in to the results of it.

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The brand

Jalue was founded by Azerbaijani entrepreneur Jale Demirch, who from a very young age, was immersed in to the world of Russian skincare and herbalism. For many years, she watched her mother make creams and masks using natural ingredients and it became part of her everyday life. One day, after applying her usual serum, it dawned on her that she could possibly create a product that is more natural, but with the same benefits, alas, Jalue was born. With busy lifestyles as her main focal point – because she knows that not everyone has time to brew herbal potions - she wanted to create something that was quick and easy to use and something that can be preserved without it losing its effectiveness.

The product

Ice Therapy is a cooling and radiance enhancing treatment that uses the power of frozen ice to reduce puffiness, calm the skin and tighten pores. With herbs such as camomile, sage, nettle, oak bark and rose, it promises to help achieve mini facials on a daily basis by stimulating the skin, lifting and giving that instant, brightened complexion. Within the package, there is one silicone tube and four herbal sachets and the whole box is designed for one month’s worth of use.

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How to use

Have you ever tried a Calippo? If not, it is a sweet popsicle that most people eat as a dessert or generally to cool themselves down on a super, hot summer’s day. On first thoughts, this reminds me of Calippo, but instead of indulging it internally, it is applied to the skin in circular motions, sounds crazy, I know, but it really does work. The preparation process is the fun part – and it’s pretty easy. Firstly, steep one of sachets in 100ml of boiling water, once it’s cooled, pour the herbal water in to the silicone cone, pop the lid on tight and place in to the freezer. Once frozen, pop the head out of the cone and apply in circular motions on to clean and dry skin. Make sure to place a towel over the shoulders to catch the drip otherwise, soaked tops aren’t a great look. When done, pat skin dry, apply your usual serum and moisturiser, then put the lid back on and place in back in to the freezer for the next use.


I loved using the Jalue Ice Therapy as part of my day-to-day skincare routine, it does require a bit of effort and some extra time does get added, but my skin looked refreshed and radiant and it felt lovely and soft. I spent a bit more time applying it to my skin on weekends, just because I felt like it was more of an indulgence and I would also pop on a mask etc too – like a mini spa weekend at home, haa! It’s definitely worth giving the Ice Therapy a go and for £39, its relatively affordable for a month’s worth of treatment.

raining cake beauty blog
jalue ice therapy

Have you tried any sort of therapy like this before? If no, does Jalue interest you?

*This post contains PR samples.


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