6 Perfumes You Need To Try

6 perfumes you need to try
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What is your favourite type of fragrance? I, for one, absolutely love a light floral scents, they’re so easy on the nose (haha! Does that even make sense?), yet gives off such a powerful impression. My all-time favourite perfume is Stella McCartney Stella and if you’ve smelt that one before, you will know what I mean. It’s a beautiful, beautiful scent and you’ve guessed it, it’s 100% a light floral, super romantic and perfect for everyday wear. Now, I test out new perfumes, on a monthly basis and it is simply due to the fact that I love them. I’m always walking through, either Boots, Superdrug or The Perfume Shop sniffing and testing out new scents and possibly purchasing a few as I go, I just can’t help it! But it is, of course, due to this habit that I can share this post today with you all, so without further rambling, here’s 6 perfumes you need to try right now.

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viktor and rolf flowerbomb
Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb




Starting off with the most classic of classics – Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb has been around for ages and has always been a cult favourite. It’s a very sensual scent in my opinion and thanks to its heart notes of roses and jasmine flowers, it softens the fragrance, making it an all-round perfect every day perfume. If you love florals, then this explosion of all the flowery scents will be a great suit and one thing I love about it also – it sits nicely in its iconic dome style bottle and looks uber pretty on dressing tables.

Caudalie Eau des Vignes


I am a massive, massive Caudalie Divine collection fan – I have the perfume, the body scrub, the body oil, the shimmer lotion and the candle, I think that’s the whole collection, haa! So when the Eau des Vignes scent dropped through my door, I was intrigued at first, then delighted that it smells so good. It’s has a very, very subtle floral scent, which comes from the iris inside it. The overall feel of the perfume is light and fresh, like a summer’s day walking in the park – although I am fully aware that we are in the autumn season now, but hey, who says we can’t keep summer for longer.

caudalie eau des vignes
maison francis kurkdijan a la rose
Maison Francis Kurkdijan A La Rose



When it comes down to luxurious scents – A La Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdijan is amongst one of the most expensive perfumes I own – it is contained in a lovely bottle and smells absolutely divine. Rose is one of my favourite scents and I get double whammy in this one which excites me every single time I have a spritz. It’s majorly feminine with a touch of sophistication and every time I wear it, my confidence levels reaches an all time high!

Jo Malone Star Magnolia


Okay, it is bad of me to include a fragrance that is currently, super hard to get hold of, but I can’t not mention this one. Star Magnolia by Jo Malone was my ultimate summer scent this year. With similar properties to Caudalie’s Eau des Vignes, it’s fresh, light and simply gorgeous. I wasn’t too sure about the lemon top note when I first read about it as I’m a huge citrus fan, but it honestly blends in so well with the magnolia leaf and orange blossom. As with all Jo Malone scents, this can be worn with other colognes too – I particularly like it with English Pear and Freesia. Not forgetting the bottle design – how quirky does the ombre glass with the flower on top look – love it!

jo malone star magnolia
dkny nectar love
DKNY Nectar Love




This fragrance is relatively new to my collection, but it is fast becoming a staple and you know why? It’s again, another floral, of course, haa! This perfume pretty much as everything going for it – warm, romantic, attractive and super easy to wear. It actually contains a mixture of fruity and floral notes which in turns gives it a sweet touch and I adore that. The little bee detail on the bottle top adds cuteness to the whole package and I can definitely see this perfume becoming a Christmas present favourite this year.

Clean Reserve Citron Fig


I would describe this perfume as the absolute underdog of this post and you know when they say ‘save the best until last’ – this is where we are going with it, I absolutely adore this fragrance and if you only get one from this post and open to any scents – I would pick this beauty as my number one. Having openly admitting that I’m not a citrus fan, this defies it all and I am in love with it. The top notes of lemon and ginger blend so well with sandalwood and musk at base. I love the stern, bottle design too, almost like it’s here to make a statement and this is how it’s done. The scent is honestly something I’ve never had before and just, so, so unique.

clean reserve citron fig
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Will you be trying out any of these perfumes? If yes, which one sounds tempting?



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