Morning To Evening Skincare Routine

day to evening skincare routine

Now, I’m not one to stick to routines much, however, when it comes down to beauty and my skin, I am all over it like a rash. There is nothing more important than having a good beauty routine to stick to, your skin will thank you in the future for it, trust me on this one. I tend to spend a good 20 minutes, morning and night, ensuring that I follow every step thoroughly. Going away on travels is no different, I never let the routine slack. Okay, enough of the harpering on, let’s get in to the nitty gritty and talk you through the steps and also the products I’m currently using…..

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So, this may be a bit unusual, but I consider tooth care as part of my everyday beauty routine. Why? Because it’s part of my face, simples and needs just as much attention. I started using an electric toothbrush that I got from Pure Smiles, about a month ago now and honestly, don’t know where I would be with my teeth condition now, it’s improved it so, so much. I am using the Oral B 2500 3D White which cleans and whitens my teeth at the same time. I couldn’t get the knack of it at first, it was weird having a vibrating brush, as oppose to the good old manual way, but after a few tries, I got use to it and the trick is to not brush in circular motions, but just let the toothbrush move along your teeth.

In the mornings, I only cleanse my skin once as it doesn’t collect as much dirt over night as it does during the day. I am currently using the IXXI Essenxiel Velvety Cleansing Milk which is a dry cleanser that is applied using cotton pads and then rinsed off with water. I love this because its super gentle on the skin, hydrates and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. Toner-wise, I am absolutely loving the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner – I mean, just look at the bottle, it’s so pretty. Formulated with real rose petals, this softens my skin and closes my pores acting as a good primer for moisturiser. It also smells incredible, rose is one of my favourite scents ever! To finish off my 3-step skincare, the moisturiser I am currently loving is the Garnier Green Tea Leaves Botanical Day Cream. This moisturiser hydrates my skin, yet leaves a matte effect. As a person with oily skin, having matte skin is a godsend and I’m so glad this moisturiser gives me that.

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If I have time in the mornings, I love using the Crystal Clear Contour IT Kit to contour my skin without make up. It’s an easy-to-use tool that enhances my skin and sculpts my cheekbones without the need of cream or powder contour make up kits. I have to simply apply the Illuminate Cream on my cheekbones, forehead and jawline and run the tool along those areas gently pushing in the product and voila – a natural, contoured complexion. If I am pushed for time, I may skip the contour part, but I never leave the house without some sort of SPF on my skin, so I am loving the Filorga UV Bronze Mist SPF50 which not only protects, but also nourishes and gives my skin the most radiant finish.

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My evening routine is actually my favourite because it feel so nice taking off my make-up after a long day. I double cleanse using the same cleanser I use in the morning, sometimes, I may triple cleanse depending on my skin condition that particular evening. I then use an essence instead of a toner as I think essences penetrate in to the skin deeper and during the night, products sink in to the skin more than during the day, so I try to get as much moisture as possible. The Estee Lauder Micro Essence Treatment Lotion is my current go-to and I have been using it every single night since I got it without fail. It replenishes, renews and restores my skin’s texture as well as leaving it feeling soft and smooth. With essences, you can either apply it with cotton pads or pat it in to the skin and I generally use the patting method as this pushes the product, deeper in to my skin. With night cream, I always opt for something richer and the Formula 10.0.6 Night Perfector Hydrating Cream is my current choice. It’s soothing on the skin, yet gives it enough nourishment to last the night. The blackcurrant scent is fruity and sweet, but not too overpowering and the texture of the cream feels thick, but applies super smoothly and doesn’t actually leave any residue on my face at all.

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As a special treat, once or twice a week, I like to apply a good face mask and if you know me, I am the world’s biggest sheet mask fan, however, I do prefer to save those for ‘really’ special moments, so I would opt for a more versatile mask all the other times. The Super Facialist Pore Purifying Clay Mask is perfect for unclogging pores and clearing my skin of dirt. Using this mask is like having a mini detox at home, it’s so, so good, and I love it! Not forgetting the eyes, I tend to only use eye products at night and for the same reason as essences, my skin absorbs more product. The Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye is probably one of the best eye products I have ever used. This cream eye-gel is like a miracle in a little pot, it targets fine lines, reduce puffiness and treats uneven skin tone. For me, that is everything I look for in an eye cream and this really does what it says on the tin. I am aware it isn’t the most affordable of eye creams, but a little goes a long way with this and it’s definitely worth every penny.

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Do you have a morning to evening skincare routine? If yes, what are your favourite products?



*This post contains PR samples.



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      It’s such a good mask, you will love it. xx

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