Tips On Being Productive When Working From Home

tips on being productive when working from home

Working from home may sound like a dream for everyone – the fact that you can sit in your pj’s with your hair tied up and no make-up on is great on so many levels, but when you get in to the comfort zone, it does start to have a negative impact on your productivity levels, in turn making us feel more lazier than ever before. It is also very important to set boundaries between work and home life, so you know that once you step out of your office, you are at home (albeit, you are already at home) and that you won’t step back in to that office until the next day.

I work full time in an office, but do also work from home from time to time and as I consider my blog as a part time job - on the weekends, when I’m having a blog day, I will treat it like a day in the office. Having blogged for over 5 years, it has been hard to juggle full time work and being productive creating content for the blog, but I have found ways to manage this and here are some of my top tips to help you get the most out of working from home.

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Get up and get dressed

As much as staying in your pyjamas sounds mega appealing right now, making the effort to get dressed like you will be going off to work does wonders for your mind set and preps you right from the beginning of the day. I’m not saying you have to dress up smart, but putting on a nice top and a comfy pair of jeans, plus doing your make up puts it in your mind that are could potentially be heading out.

Have a specific place to work

Much like staying in your pyjamas, staying in bed all day to work does sound great too doesn’t it? But this is extremely bad for your back, let alone your productivity, so ensure that you have a specific place that is functional where you can actually ‘go to work’. Design your office how you want it and ensure it’s a place that you would want to walk in to every day to be productive. Also, ensuring that you have everything to hand, like something as simple as the stapler or paperclips really helps you to keep organised throughout the day.

Set out a to-do-list

Once you’re dressed, had your breakfast and sitting at your desk, ready to go – start writing out your to-do-list first. Look at yesterday’s one and transfer what hasn’t been finished on to a new one and prioritise your tasks. Organise a target time to complete each task and ensure you work towards those times. Having a visual list to follow through on helps to keep your productivity levels high and keeps you pushing forward to achieve more.

Have proper breaks

Spending too much time in front of the computer drains you even if don’t think it does. Sitting in the same spot and staring at the screen decreases productivity and causes tiredness quicker. Schedule your breaks as you would if you was working in an open office with others. Have a drink, or a bite to eat and also use this time to catch up with friends or scroll through social media. Once you’re back at your desk, you should feel energised and revitalised.

Leave the house

Sometimes, if staying in the home office just isn’t doing it for you – take your laptop and head off to a nearby coffee shop. Getting a change of environment can help refresh the mind and possibly give you some inspiration for new ideas too. If you don’t fancy taking the laptop, but do need some fresh air, then maybe have a little walk round the park – getting outdoors can give you a huge energy boost, in turn doing wonders for productivity.

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Do you work from home? If yes, what are your top tips on staying productive?


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