5 Ways To Limit Drama In Your Life

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We can all get easily sucked in to drama – am I right or am I right? The reason we do is because this world isn’t as blissful and drama-free as we’d like it to be, we all want things to be easy, comfortable and well planned, but unfortunately, life isn’t as stress-free as we had all hoped. Work is busy as usual, your family demand more time because they haven't seen you in a while, relationships are challenging especially when things isn't as rosy as it looks on the outside and http://petersmay.com/ has to get involved, eeeek! Friends become distant, things just get a bit too much and it stresses us out and in turn causes drama. There’s also the ever-evolving world of social media which is great on some parts and not so great on others – especially when it comes down to portrayal of the person you’re following. We hold tightly on to things that don’t match reality, we start comparing and set up expectations in our minds of what our lives should entail, how others should be and how our work life and relationships ‘should’ be like. We get attached to these expectations and our resistance to accept the way we are, the life we are living and this causes drama within ourselves and whoever we choose to bring in on it. But we don’t want to be part of the drama do we? We can let go and not be part of it and find a stable place in our reality, accept the moment as it is and accept yourself as you are. Here’s 5 ways to limit drama in your life.....

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Do not judge others

For you, do not know their pain – if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Because once you start to judge others, you will get judged in return, so to limit that drama and stress that it can cause, don’t do it.

Don’t associate, invite or create

Needless to say, drama doesn’t just come out of nowhere, if you associate yourself with someone who brings it, invite it or even create it, then you have to deal with the consequences. Bottom line – just don’t get involved.

Stop worrying

Worrying is a waste of energy, honestly, it is stressful and tiring and the last thing you want is the worst to happen. There will be problems, of course, nothing is perfect – but you will work your way through them and instead imagining the worst, imagine the best and how it will positively enhance your life.

It’s okay to make mistakes

And don’t give up or give in to negativity. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again, you will only get wiser along the way. Good things will happen and you are getting there – if you give up and give in, the drama will continue to roll alongside you.

Let go

You will know when enough is enough and letting go isn’t a sign of weakness or poor ability, it’s about having the strength to embrace the present and to let go of all negative thoughts. Do what you want and ignore the drama surrounding you – be the better person.

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Have you ever experience needless drama? If yes, how did you overcome it?



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