How I Plan To Get Fit For My Wedding

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After publising my wedding planning post the other day, I didn't expect to talk about my wedding again until I had something exciting to update you all on - however, as I wanted to share as many aspects as possible of my wedding on here and because the subject of 'getting fit' needs to start pretty soon for me (I am one those that need all the motivation to do exercise - just an FYI, haa!), I decided to start documenting it now and talk through some initial plans I have, to look and feel great in my dress on my big day. I am going to realistic here and I'm not hoping to be stick thin or slim down too much as I am happy with the dress size I am now, but I could do with a bit of trimming, especially in my hip area which has always taken the weight. I want to get a bit fitter, not only for the wedding, but also for my own health. I am setting myself achievable goals, goals that I know I can reach, not goals that are way out of my touch, although maybe one day, that will happen. I want to be able to enjoy the process of getting fit and not beat myself up if I miss a day of training for example. With that in mind, here's three things that I will focus on to get me started.....

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Invest in new workout wear that's comfortable

That line of 'all the gear, but no idea' rings true here, but this time round, I will definitely have an idea of what I want and need to enhance my performance when working out. First up, is a new pair of training shoes - something that's comfy, protective and has a good grip, especially as I plan to do a lot of running. Next up is a few good gym hoodies, ones that are made of breathable material, and can keep me warm whilst exercising outside. I've been eyeing up a few from Jack Wills as they have some amazing sportswear at the moment. Lastly, I'm definitely more of a leggings girl when it comes to workout wear, I don't like the idea of shorts as I'm conscious of what is on show and I can never find ones that suit me. Leggings on the other hand are easier to wear in my opinion and finding a few good pairs will definitely motivate me more to work out as I'll know I'll be comfy no matter what.

Stick to what my strongest ability is


I have always enjoyed running and back in my secondary school days, I was the fastest sprinter in my year #nolie. Over the years, I slowly stopped practising which then allowed my performance to drop, something that I'm not proud of, but you know, life takes over and things happen. However, my strongest ability is still running and to get back in to it will take time, but I'm determine more than ever to make it work. Once I have recovered in form and completely comfortable with my ability to run well, I will move on to core exercises and weight training. Cardio, at the moment is best for me to start with as I know what I'm doing and want to master that before moving on.

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wedding exercise plans
Cut out all the junk and try out healthy recipes

With this one, for me, it has to be done in stages. Over the years, I have realised that I can't completely cut junk out all at once, so it has to be done slowly, item by item. With this way, it keeps me focused on the one or two items in particular, then once I've fully got use to not constantly having that product, I will then start adding on extra food groups. I am going to start with cutting out fizzy and sugary still drinks and replace it with water at all times. This one should be relatively do-able and once I don't crave it anymore, I will move on to something else. I am also going to look in to more healthier and fresher recipes, especially now that autumn has fully hit us, I am really looking forward to having more tasty soups and hearty meals to fill my belly and keep me warm and cosy. I recently sampled a butternut squash soup when I went for my wedding food tasting and now I can't wait to make my own. I found this recipe on Jamie Oliver's website and it looks super easy to make.

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Do you have any tips on working out and sticking to a routine? Especially, now that the weather is getting colder, I need all the motivation possible!



*This post is in collaboration with Jack Wills.



  1. 7th November 2017 / 2:53 pm

    Wedding planning is hard especially when you want to look great in your dress. I wish I could have incorporate adding fitness to my lifestyle while I was planning for my wedding 14 years ago. 4 years ago I started off running on the treadmill it was a slow start like a half mile and then I start building my stamina to 1 mile and then joined a couple of races. Hope you the best in your wedding planning and I’m sure you will look great.


    • julie
      9th November 2017 / 2:43 pm

      Awww, thank you so much lovely, I’m definitely going to try my best at this. xx

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