How To Pull Yourself Together In 10 Minutes

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All hell has broken loose and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed – missed alarm is normally the reason for me, but sometimes, sheer tiredness is also a contributing factor. Whatever the reason, if you’ve woken up with only minutes to spare before you have to commence your day, here’s a mini time guide on how to pull yourself together in ten minutes (if you even have ten minutes of course, haa!) Ready? Let’s go…..

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Pull yourself up and chuck your phone in to your bag (10 secs)



Mobile phones will be the death of us, so don’t reach for it as soon as you get up. You are only going to waste time checking through messages and social media when you could be getting ready.

Think of what lays ahead of you for the day (1 min)




Okay, breathe, think of what your day will entail - do you have an important meeting? Or are you required to work on something that that’s got a super tight deadline? Take a step back and think of the bigger picture, then start to picture how you will get those things done, prioritise your to-do-list.

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Get ready (5 mins and 50 secs)




All the essentials here, brush your teeth, wash your face, ruffle the bed hair with some dry shampoo and put on a bit of make-up – nothing major, a bit of tinted moisturiser, some brow pencil and a lip balm will do. Just because you feel rushed, doesn’t mean you need to look it – sometimes, the most rushed make-up looks actually turn out great.

Power dress (2 mins)




This is where we’re going to have to keep it simple here, you don’t have much time left. Think of power outfits such as a classic black dress or a smart blouse with some jeans and heels. Once you have your power dressing nailed, you’ll feel ready to tackle the day. Dressing is super important if you want to make an impression and it’s definitely something that should be prioritised.

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Get everything together and put your smile on (2 mins)



Pick up your bag, spritz some of your favourite perfume, pop your shoes on and SMILE as you head out the door. Starting the day off bad doesn’t mean it will carry on like that, brush off those Debbie Downer vibes and be happy as you leave. Think of something that will instantly excite you for when you finish the day, maybe after work drinks or a good old shopping spree – that way, you’ll have something to look forward to.

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Jacket  - H&M | Jumper - Zara | Skirt - Primark (similar here) | Boots - H&M (similar here)
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What are your tips and tricks on getting ready quick?



Photos by - Jason R Joseph | Instagram - @jasonrjoseph



  1. 18th November 2017 / 3:33 am

    the number one is so true. Sometimes I wake up early the I reach for my phone and next thing I know is that I’m running late for work
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