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Now and again, I like to have a good old tidy up of my social media accounts – unfollowing those who longer add value to my work or my life and perform a complete declutter on all accounts. Long gone are the days that you only declutter wardrobes, kitchens, living rooms, storage etc, there are so many benefits in doing the same for your desktop, phones and tablets and it brings me so much joy to share some of my ways with you today. I really hope you enjoy this post and do let me know if it helped you.

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Have a visual of your dream network



How many times have you opened Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter and your heart dropped because you’ve either seen someone getting the most gorgeous tan in the Maldives or an ex cosying up to their new girlfriend/boyfriend? Yeah, it sucks. Perhaps it’s time to visualise a stress-free feed and have whoever show up on there - give you happy feels and not thoughts of stress or anxiety. A network of exes and frenemies will just continue to drive insecurities, so the best option is to just tap the unfollow button once and for all.

Declutter at least once a month



Block out a day in your diary every single month for a full declutter. Try and have a whole day of it if you can, focus on the networks you want to work on and plan your attack. Don’t spread out the task, do it all in one day, using this method, you will know that it will get done and it will make you feel on top of everything for the rest of the week to come. At the time of action, try not to listen to music, or watch TV in the background, it needs to uninterrupted so your mind and thoughts can be clear.

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Be respectful of your online profiles



Think of your online profiles like your wardrobe – if it looks messy, undoubtedly, it will come across to others as the same and every time you log in, you will feel the effect of it. Think about updating your bio, take pride in the content you are putting out there because your profile is how the world sees you. Change your profile picture and make sure it matches all your other online accounts, add the correct contact details and make sure you feel good about your profiles before sharing it with everyone.

Sort one account at a time



As much as you want to try and tackle it all at once, I find it better and much more effective to do one account at a time and do it in a set way. Start with Facebook and go in to your friends list and start filtering through – remove those who you know longer connect with such as ex-work colleagues and ex-partners. Next move on to Instagram, this may be a little hard as you are potentially following thousands, so I would try to unfollow those who no longer inspire you or those who no longer fit in with your interests. Do the same with Twitter next, if you don’t engage with certain users anymore and they just don’t interest you anymore - unfollow.

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Do the ‘joy’ test




Lastly, when unfollowing, do the ultimate last test – the joy test. Does that person/profile still give you joy? Joy as in, do you still enjoy the content they’re posting, does it still inspire you, are you influenced by it? If yes, then keep them, if no, then click the unfollow button – simples. If you’re following someone that doesn’t bring you joy, you will end up with negative feelings. Cleanse your social networks so no one can trigger negative feelings and you will overall, feel so much better and have a feed full of joy.

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Once you’re done decluttering, celebrate and enjoy your new and refreshed online accounts with a glass of bubbly or three. You will love social media more than ever and it will be and should be platforms that make you happy.



Photos by - Jason R Joseph | Instagram - @jasonrjoseph


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