15 Travel Hacks You Should Know About

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When it comes down to travel hacks, I do consider myself a bit of a pro –I know, I know, sounds a bit big-headed right, but…..practice makes perfect and I have travelled enough to be able to share these simple hacks with you today. I really hope you find them useful and if there’s anything you recommend too, I would love to hear about it.

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1. Pack Light

Because carrying heavy luggage is annoying.

2. Download a currency exchange app

This is a lifesaver when maths brain simply don’t work at times. It also helps to keep track of spending.

3. Use Instagram to find new places

Follow hashtags and locations to find the best recommendations on what to do – save them and explore the options you have when the time comes.

4. Get a portable hard drive

If like me, you love taking photos and videos, sometimes phone memory simply can’t hack it. Transfer all your images and media on to a portable hard drive daily to free up space for new pictures.

5. Purchase travel insurance

This one should be a no brainer, especially if you’re planning to travel for a long period of time, you really need to be prepared for anything.

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6. Use compartment pouches when packing

This is something I only recently got in to and my god, where have I been? These are so good for segregating items - I can get so much more in the pouches and my luggage always looks super organised.

7. Use offline maps

When there’s no connection and you need to get around, offline maps are the one.

8. Have a packing list

Honestly, this is the only way where I won’t forget a thing – lists are my life anyways, but having a packing one ensures I have everything I need and saves me time having to faff about looking for stuff.

9. Take a travel wallet or pouch

To keep all your important documents i.e. travel itineraries, hotel reservations, transport bookings etc

10. Sign up to Revolut or Monzo

These are cards that you can use whilst abroad without incurring hefty bank charges and you can also keep track of your spendings via the app so you will always have control.

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11. Get in with the locals

Sometimes the best way to find out more about the area that you’re exploring is to speak to the locals, they’re always going to know best in regards to the best places to visit and all the little hidden gems

12. Get as much sleep as possible before each trip

As much as the excitement may kick in, getting some rest before travelling is vital for your well-being and will give you more energy to have fun.

13. Keep a picture of your passport and luggage

This is handy when it comes to lost luggage (fingers crossed it never happens), but it will be a lot to easier for the staff at airports to identify the luggage and speed up the process.

14. Take a travel diary/notebook

Because everyone wants to look back and fond memories of their travels, so why not?

15. Notify your bank

If you’re going to be using your bank card/account abroad, then do notify your bank to avoid them blocking your card. Most banks nowadays are hot on fraud, so if they notice a transaction coming from a country that you don’t normally spend in, then they will stop it going through. All you have to do it let them know of the country and the dates you’re away and they will just put a note on your account, so it doesn’t get stopped. You can do this via online banking with most banks these days.

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Do you travel a lot? If yes, do you have any tips/hacks?



Photos by - Jason R Joseph | Instagram - @jasonrjoseph



  1. 14th January 2018 / 11:05 pm

    Such a beautiful outfit, so simple yet so chic! Such great travel tips! Especially the offline map.. I didn’t even know you could download anything like that so that’s extremely helpful. I am so bad at packing light and always regret it when I have to carry my bag. x

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