5 Beauty Rules For Waking Up With A Glow

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I (and probably the rest of the working population) constantly feel sleep deprived – these days, a lie in is the ultimate luxury for most of us and I, hand on heart, treasure those moments (Jesus, I don’t even have kids yet – to all the mum’s out there, I salute you). As much as I have a good sleeping pattern, sometimes I do find myself battling with the snooze button in the mornings and my skin suffers too. My colleagues can generally tell when I’m looking a bit worse for wear – ‘late night then love’ is what I usually get in the mornings, haa! I promised myself that this year, I will be getting my act together and work on a good routine, especially due to the fact that I am also getting married so I really need to home in on that skincare.

Read below to find out what my beauty sleep rules are, my favourite products and how to wake up feeling more prettier…..

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1 - Always double cleanse




The first and most important step of waking up looking less tired is to cleanse properly and remove all traces of make-up. I am normally quiet strict with cleansing and ensure I do it twice in the evenings. Sometimes, I even add pre-cleanse (my trusty Simple Water Boost Micellar Water) if I’ve had a really long day out and about. I’m currently using Bliss Gel-to-Oil Cleanser to melt away the first layer of dirt and make-up, then I add another cleanse to fully clean and nourish the skin.

2 - Treat, nourish and repair




Our skin has the highest regeneration turnover at night, so this is the best and most prime time to treat your skin. I usually alternate between a nourishing serum (to boost hydration) and an exfoliating serum (to combat dullness) depending on the condition of my skin. The Previse Nutrify Ozone Defense Serum absorbs quickly and provides a great base for moisturiser. I’ve noticed that my skin looks radiant and feels amazing in the mornings after using it.

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3 - Moisturise always



Hydrated skins means happy skin – no matter what skin type you have, moisturising is key to every skincare routine. I always ensure I apply a good dose and gently pat it on the skin – patting allows the cream to absorb deeper (a tip I learnt from Jurlique) and I often add a face oil in to the mix also. Having a glass of water just before bed flushes out toxins and will ensure your skin has a lovely glow in the mornings. My current go-to moisturiser is the Clarins Multi-Active Night and the Marula Pure Marula Facial Oil.

4. The glow is here




Okay, so your skin should already be glowing if the three steps above have been followed, but for that extra oomph, add a tiny bit of false tan or a glow booster. At this time of year, I’m generally pretty pasty, so I welcome all types of tanning products to help me look a bit more bronzed. I love the U Tan & Tone Coconut Tanning Water, it’s so easy to use and creates the loveliest colour on my skin.

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5 - Lavender galore




Going back to my travel essentials post, I mentioned about lavender oil being something I always take on trips due to the relaxing properties. Although not a skincare product, the Tropic So Sleepy Pillow Spray which contains lavender is my lifesaver and before bed, all I do is mist it over my pillows and I fall asleep almost straight away.

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What are your favourite night time beauty products and tips?



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