5 Make Up Products I Can’t Live Without

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We all have something we can’t live without – mostly cheese for me (I blimming LOVE cheese!), but when it comes down to make up products, there are certain product types that just gets me/understands my needs – like right down to a tee and those products are the ones that are with me through thick and thin and comes out – always on top. Okay, this has become a rather dramatic intro in to the blog post, so let’s delve in to the 5 make up products I can’t live without. Let me know if you have tried them before/have the same feels you know…..

max factor foundation
Product type – Foundation
ProductMax Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless Foundation

Foundation is the base of all bases and without it, I must admit - I do feel bare. Of course, I don’t feel the need to always wear it, especially at home or if I’m just popping out to run some errands, however, it is important to me because it makes me feel confident and good about myself. I love a full coverage foundation and usually use a brush and a blender to apply it.

raining cake blog
Product type – Concealer
ProductKiko Universal Stick Concealer

Ahhh, those pesky dark circles/eye bags that just don’t seem to ever want to go away. What can we do? Simply hide them - and concealer is a something I use daily, not only to cover dark circles, but also to conceal blemishes. It’s definitely something I consider as a must and something I can’t live without due to the sheer fact that it can conceal and highlight - I do love a multi-purpose product.

julie ly beauty blogger
Product type – Eyeliner and Eyebrows
Products (cheated a bit here, haa!) – Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel and Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner

When they say ‘eyebrows shapes the whole face’ – they weren’t lying – it really does – that’s why to me, keeping my eyebrows intact and in good shape is very important to me. I get them threaded every 3 weeks and use a pencil to line the shape and fill it in with either a powder or a gel pomade. With eyeliner, I love it because it brightens the outline of my eyes and gives it a nice, finished look. I also feel extra glam when I wearing eyeliner which is always fab.

highlighter palette to try
Product type – Highlighter
Product - Gosh Strobe'N Glow Kit Highlight

Highlighter, has in recent years become a ‘must’ in my makeup routine and now I can’t imagine life without it. It’s one of those products that just completes all make-up looks just like icing on top of a cake, plus a cherry. My skin tone favours the light gold/champagne shades of highlighters, so I tend to use them the most. Although, I also quite like the pink-toned ones that look super subtle and pretty on my skin.

matte lipstick
Product type – Lipstick
ProductRimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick

My favourite make-up product type has always been lipstick and I collect them like nobody’s business. I love a good nude shade and my lipsticks draws mainly consist of them with the odd few bright reds and dark burgundy’s floating about. Lipstick for me is the ultimate end to a perfect make up look and I would feel bare if I didn’t have any on.

julie ly blogger

There you have it, 5 make up products I can’t live without – what’s yours?



*This post contains PR samples.



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