5 Travel Essentials To Take On Your Next Trip

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I haven’t always been the most confident when it comes to travelling – I use to get travel sick, a lot and it took me years to overcome it. I still get pangs of nervousness before each flight and ask myself those same questions - ‘do I have my passport?’, ‘do I have my paperwork?’, ‘have I got enough money?’ etc and I don’t think that will ever subside because being the perfectionist I am, I always need to ensure I am on tip-top form.

I’m now at the point where I can travel independently, not get travel sick and feel relatively relaxed (and excited) prior to travelling. Before each trip, I have 5 travel essentials that I always take with me wherever I go, here they are…..

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Travel document organiser

I don’t travel anywhere without one and with every trip I go on, my travel wallet comes with me. It contains all the sections I need to ensure I have everything – from my passport to my tickets and my currency. I also carry a photocopy of my passport with me too for those ‘just in case’ moments because you never know what may happen and when it comes down to proving identity, there’s a backup.

Lavender oil

We all know lavender is the ultimate relaxation substance. I know some may not be fond of the scent, I personally love it and it has done wonders for my well-being. The soothing and calming oil helps me fall asleep faster, cures headaches and instant relaxes me for a long trip ahead. I normally carry a small bottle with me on the plane and then dab some on top my travel pillow and on my wrists – I always sleep like a baby after.

A travel diary

Memories are everything to me, so one of my most important travel essentials is a travel diary. I would regret not being able to look back at the amazing experiences I’ve had. When I’m on a trip, I will write down everything that made me happy every night – what I did, who I met, what I ate, just so I can refer back to it and also share what I experienced with others - It’s doubly useful. Try it on your next adventure and see for yourself.

USB Stick

If you’re travelling light, a useful essential to carry with you is a USB stick with plenty of memory. More than likely, you will be taking photos of your trip right? Carrying a USB allows to transfer photos from your phone/camera on to a safe place so you can free up some memory to take more pictures and record more videos. There’s nothing worse than losing all your favourite snaps that you were so proud of, be safe, not sorry, haa!

An electric adapter

This one is a no brainer and I’m sure it’s probably already on the list, but the amount of times my friends and family have gone on a trip to find themselves having to pop in to a local store to pick up an adapter because they forgot theirs or didn’t realise that, that particular country only has 2-pin sockets. I actually have an electronics kit bag I always take with me whenever I go away – it contains an adapter, phone cable, memory cards and a pack of AA batteries.

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What are your travel essentials?



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