3 Tips On How To Practice Self-Love

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We are always capable of loving others before loving ourselves – do you agree? But in all trueness, loving yourself first is more important than loving anybody else. You are the only person that will stick by you until the end, by loving yourself – it means you will always be there for yourself, you will be able to stand up for yourself and this is the way to practice self-love.

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Fall in love with yourself

It is very important to take a step back from looking for love in a partner or a friend and focus on the very one person who matters the most – the one staring back at you in the mirror. Falling in love with yourself in an appreciative way ensures that love never runs out – towards oneself or others. The saying “in order to love others, first love yourself” is something that rings true always. Your family and friends can often tell when we are not happy with ourselves, they see the greatness in us that we don’t - insecurity leads to self-doubt, jealousy, lack of confidence, and it’s like a cycle of negativity. In contrast, if you start loving yourself more, you will be happier, fun, positive, and confident.

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Ward off the haters with sanity, not vanity

When you tell someone that you love yourself, sometimes, the reaction you get is “she’s so vain and up herself”. As much as that can knock someone’s confidence, don’t bow down to the haters. The reason why they feel the need to make a comment about someone else’s positivity is because they don’t love themselves. The only way to through to these people is to stand up for yourself and knock them with your sanity. You know exactly where you stand with this and you are not going to let anyone spoil or ruin your reign. In the end, these people will realise what they’re doing is wrong and fingers cross, follow your footsteps in to putting more love in to themselves.

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Take small steps

Practicing self-love doesn’t have to be rushed – as much as you want to achieve it at the end, it can take time and you don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself because this will end up stressing you out more. Instead, take small steps to understand things about yourself, understand that you don’t have to be perfect, learn to accept you as the way you are. Being patient is also key – remember that not everything happens overnight, release the angst and learn to take it step by step. It’s very easy to get annoyed when things don’t pan out the way you want and get frustrated, but this will only prolong the stress and ultimately, take you back to square one where you’ll have to start again, so accept that progress comes with time.

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During this process, enjoy, and get to know the lovable person you are. That person is amazing, and worth every ounce of your love going forwards.



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