How To Plan The Perfect Girl’s Trip Away

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You know what excites me the most? – Travelling. And you know what makes it even better? – Going with your best girlfriends and whilst we don’t do this enough, when we do decide to put something in motion, we have all the excitement feels coupled with a little stress and anxiety at the sheer amount of activities, hotel searching and restaurant bookings that needs to planned. It’s definitely not always the easiest thing to do, especially when there is a large group involved, but having organised a few trips already, not only for a girls trip, but also for family trips and work trips, it’s kind of become second nature and today, I am sharing some tips and thoughts on how to plan the perfect trip away.

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Plan to not plan




As much as it hurts to say this and for those who live by planning and organising, sometimes, only have half plans works well for a bit of spontaneity. There’s nothing worse than having to make a decision for everyone and most likely, a few of them won’t agree with the choices you made. The key to a great rip away is to have a bit of half and half, make plans for some days, but on the other days, sprinkle in a last minute restaurant reservation or have a day where you all do absolutely nothing, but catch up with each other’s stories.

Balance it all out




If you like me, you’re slightly bossy (and a perfectionist), you would want to take everything on board yourself and plan it all out, right down to the t’s and crossing the I’s, but balancing it out and sharing tasks will not only ease the stress, it will help heaps in the process. It’s very important to all have a fair share in arranging the trip from who is driving to who is confirming hotel bookings to the smaller things like who’s packing the toothpaste for example. It will make the trip much more enjoyable to have some sort of order that us balanced out.

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Think of the size




Whilst the saying of ‘the more, the merrier’ is true – when it comes to going away, it’s best to keep the group fairly small and tight. This is not only because evidently is a lot easier to plan, having a small group allows more flexibility in doing certain activities or going to certain places. However, if you are planning a big do, such as a hen party or a big birthday trip, then it’s best to keep things fairly simple for everyone to follow and keep relaxing activities at an all time. It’s also important to stress to others that they don’t have to follow what the majority do and that it’s okay to split up and do other things too.

Keep it short and stick to a date



As much as you enjoy going away with the girls, attention span and energy levels dip throughput the trip, so try to keep them short, i.e.3-4 days max. If you are planning for it to be longer, then make it clear that everyone is free to relax and go off and have their own downtime if they wish. The worst case you’d want is for everyone to get on each other’s nerves and end up disliking one another. Agree to set a date and duration and keep everyone in the loop throughout the planning to avoid anyone missing out on vital information. The quicker this is done, the better as it allows others to ensure they have marked it in their diaries.

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Keep calm and all will be okay



Sometimes, no matter how much planning goes in to something, you can’t predict or control changes. Remember to keep calm, smile about it and make the best out of a bad situation.  Whatever happens, there is no need to blame anyone, create drama or get upset – more than likely, you will all end up laughing about it in a few years’ time. Travelling is stressful enough already, there is no time for stressful business, you all just want to go and have a great time and I am sure by ensuring that the basic rules are set, then all girls trips away will be amazing!

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Have you planned a bestie’s trip away before? If yes, how did you make it as near perfect as it could be?



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