10 Tips On How To Travel On A Budget

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When you hear that people are travelling to multiple destinations every year, do you get that slight tinge of jealously and then wonder how on earth they can afford all these trips? Well, the fact is, we are not all millionaires, however, once the travel bug bites, it’s very hard to get rid of that itch and I am, by all means, happy to be infected with that bite forever. There are a ton of ways to travel affordably by keeping a few things in mind, here’s 10 of my favourite tips…..

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1 – Don’t book flights over the weekend

Generally, weekends are the 2 days where flight prices rocket as travel companies know that when people are off work, relaxing at home, they are more than likely to search for flights and potentially book therefore they always up their prices. Try booking on a Tuesday if you can as this is the day, where traffic is slower and prices drop.

2 – Clear that cache

Once you search for a flight, your computer will automatically remember the search you did. So when you refresh on a new date, it will still give you the price of what you saw before. In order to get the latest prices, always clear your cookies – this way. Your computer will think that it’s a brand new search, therefore the most up-to-date information is given.

3 – Travel during off and not peak

The classic and simplest logic with this one, off peak season is when kids are in school and peak is when they’re off. Tickets purchased to travel during off peak is always cheaper, so utilise those periods to get cheaper flights. Accommodation works the same way too.

4 – Find out the best way to change currency

Sometimes it may be better to change your money at home for convenience, but sometimes, you may get more for your money changing it at your destination. Find out what rate is better, then change up your currency accordingly. It’s generally always better to have cash with you to save those high ATM withdrawal fees. Remember, we need to budget as much as we can.

5 – Explore the option of Airbnb rather than hotels

Especially if you’re planning to stay at one place for more than 3-4 days, hotels can get expensive. Airbnb is a great option if you’re looking to keep within budget as well as getting to stay in some amazing homes. There is the option to rent entire homes for larger groups or just a room if solo travel is on the cards.

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6 – Consider the less popular destinations

Whilst main cities such as Paris and New York are both amazing, they’re also popular and pricey. Do some research on less popular cities and check the travel options. There’s 2 great points for this one, a, you get to visit a place that is rarely advertised and b, it will be a lot cheaper, win-win situation we got here.

7 – Bugger the transport and do some walking

Where possible, try and walk to the attractions rather than take a taxi, train or bus. Not only will you save money, you may come across some amazing spots for views, food and pictures. They always say ‘the best way to explore is by foot anyways’.

8 – If you’re hopping around, consider using overnight transport

Planning a big trip with multiple destinations is stressful enough, adding in the costs of everything then becomes a complete different ball game. To save on flights, consider the use of overnight trains, buses or boats – where you may lose on time, you will save on costs and most overnight transport provide a comfortable bed so you can get some rest during travelling.

9 – Make use of discounts on attractions

Before you set off, have a look at the local attractions and pin the ones you really want to visit. Then look up online for any offers or discounts that will allow you to save on some dollar. Sometimes, there are some great deals, like ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ or 10% off for subscribing to their newsletter for example.

10 – Ask the locals for recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals, either at your hotel, hostel, Airbnb for recommendations on where to go and what to eat. More than likely, they will recommend places that are super affordable and good, which is great for when you’re trying to budget.

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Have you been on a trip where you’ve had to budget? If yes, what are your best tips?

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  1. 25th September 2018 / 10:51 am

    Totally agree with the overnight option! It can be a bit uncomfortable and you may not get a full night’s sleep but it gets you from A to B much quicker!

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