5 Actionable Tips For Personal Development

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A little over 2 years ago, I started to branch out in to writing lifestyle and tips and advice posts for this blog. I wanted to share personal experiences as well as tried and tested ways to ascend to success. Sometimes, it’s very easy to forget to stop and smell the roses, to take a couple of steps back and look at everything from a bird’s eye view. I know it can be hard amongst all the manic and the dream to do bigger and better things, but don’t forget that the smaller things do matter, especially when it comes to creating a life you’re happy with and proud of. Here are some of the smallest actions you can take for personal development and creating a life you’re going to be content and happy with.

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Everything is your choice to make



When you do something, you generally always have a reason behind it all – you justify your actions and validate your reasons to suit your beliefs because you choose to believe in what you see. When people encounter setbacks, as long as they keep a positive attitude and see the setbacks as learning opportunities, then we are on a win-win path. However, not everyone sees it that way and if they become negative towards it all, they end up victimising themselves. Bottom line is – sometimes, taking a break and seeing the world for what it is allows you to make it your choice on how to see it.

Do what you say and think




Whenever you say or think you want to do something, do it – it’s the only way you will find out if it works for you and if not, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do something else. There is nothing worse than wanting to do something and making excuses to hold yourself back. If there is nothing to lose, then I don’t see why things shouldn’t be pursued. Keep telling yourself you want to do it and envision it – the more you do this, the more you will follow through. The words ‘I Will’ will eventually mean you do.

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Plans are good, but planning is everything


The famous quote – ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’ is something I always tell myself and others who don’t plan. So I know sitting down and actually putting a pen to paper isn’t for everyone and a lot of successful people went in to things with no plans whatsoever, but having something to work on and follow maps out a route and helps you put vision to life. Once a plan is in place, it is also important to ensure you are productive and not confuse it with being busy. Focus on what you want to achieve and ensure whatever you do, you do it efficiently and with good quality. My favourite sentence to myself at the moment is to ‘not be a flapper’ – honestly, when someone told me that, I cried with laughter, but it is so true.

Be treated how YOU want to be treated



Set some boundaries and always, always, always have respect for yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no, because if it isn’t right, you will know. Hold people accountable if they don’t treat you well and vice versa – treat people well also. How you allow yourself to be treated is how it will continue to be and building that respect for yourself ensures others know exactly what to expect from you. Always show people what you’re worth because ultimately (Loreal’s famous words), you are worth it.

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Continue to learn, always



The best tip I could ever give is to never stop learning. For personal development, learning is a huge contribution factor to consider and should never be taken for granted. Grab each and every opportunity to build your skills and gain more knowledge, it will broaden your horizons and ensure you reach out to more opportunities. Multi-skilling is great, in fact, it is big and being able to do multiple things is not only personal development in yourself, but it also allows the ability for you to pass on your valuable skills to others. Never, ever underestimate the power of learning, it is the one thing I will always channel at every single chance.

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What are your favourite tips on personal development? I would love to hear your stories.



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