Flat/Apartment Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

bathroom renovation ideas

Who else was with me last weekend, when we had that gorgeous little heatwave and it got you thinking of, a) laying on the beach or b) if your budget doesn’t stretch for a holiday - laying in the garden or balcony taking in as much daylight and sun as possible? Since moving to our flat almost a year and a half ago, we (Dan and I) have focused on making it our own. We spent a lot of our time working on the living room, which is one of our favourite rooms to be in because it has three floor length windows that lets as much light as possible and when the sun sets, we get full view of it – it’s honestly amazing!

Our next big project will be the bathroom which gave me the idea for this post and, after seeing Olivia from Lust Living’s blog post on her bathroom (absolute goals!)– it has egged me on even more and I may have convinced Dan that we need to get pretty shutters for the windows, yay! So what I’ve done is created a few mood/colour inspiration boards which I’m hoping will put the nail on the head and we can get planning on that dream bathroom.

How to Upgrade Your Home for Sale
Pink and gold
Shutters | Bath tub | Bath mat | Toothbrush holder | Taps
blue bathroom ideas
Blue and white
Bath MatShower | Shutters | Taps | Wash basket
green bathroom ideas
Green and yellow
Bath matStorage unit | Shutters | Taps | Towels

Are you a fan of doing renovations to your home? Which colour theme inspiration board is your favourite?



*This post is in collaboration with Thomas Sanderson.


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