How I Overcame FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

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Oh dear – FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you use to haunt me like a b***h, but over the years I’ve learnt to resist it, to fight it and not let it affect me. Let’s rewind a little, to the times when I use to open Instagram and see lavish vacations, girls snapping outfit pictures in the cutest locations and stories featuring samples sent by a brand I would only dream of working with. From these images, I would either get that slight tinge of jealously or pry myself to work better. It’s hard not to have FOMO really, it’s pretty normal, there is no escaping it – for as long as you’re on social media, it will always be in your face. Good news though, there are ways to overcome it and in today’s post, I will be talking through everything that has helped me fight FOMO and succeed.

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The first thing to always remember is to stay focused on your path. Keep walking straight, keep going – regardless of what everyone else is doing. Focus on yourself and don’t get swept in to what the others are doing, getting or achieving. This is your path and don’t make it a competition, you will be far more happy, productive and successful if you place concentration on your own goals.

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Comparison is a real killjoy, not only is it unhealthy, it’s also puts a real downer on everything. Always remember there are no winners in the comparison game. Yes, it is more than likely that every single person has been through that bout of comparing themselves, felt useless and utterly defeated at the end of it all, but you know what – everyone powers through and just remember that the world isn’t out to get us and you will get through it.

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We all have weaknesses, we know that, but it should never overcompensate your strengths. Use your strengths to your advantage and make sure you work it! What you’re good at is always what you should focus on because those strengths are what will ensure you hit your targets and succeed.

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What are your thoughts on FOMO?

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