7 Habits That Will Keep Your Brain Active

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On days where you need a bit of motivation to get started, always remember that it is habits that keep us going. We are talking good habits that you stick to, to ensure you are on track in both your personal and professional life. Some may think that sticking to habits makes you boring and doesn’t allow for movement in learning, but that’s not correct – habits build a solid foundation to improve, to give you that direction to move forward. Read on to find out 7 habits that will keep your brain active…..

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Keep a journal

Turns out that journaling isn’t just for my secondary school self, I still - until this day, write down what I’ve achieved each day, what I plan to achieve tomorrow and what I can do less of during the week to ensure a good amount of rest. It’s become a habit and it does help me to keep in line and helps me accomplish tasks weekly. If I want to be that little bit extra, I do sometimes write a short recap or summary at the end of the month too.

Replace your usual TV routine with some online learning

Instead of using some of your break time to watch TV or check social media, why not spend it on some online courses. There are so many out there to choose from and you can learn so much just by allowing yourself to spend the time in learning and nourishing the brain with knowledge. You never know, that with your new-found skills, you can up your qualifications on your CV and ask for more in a salary increase.

Have a lay in

Yes, you heard that right – it’s not lazy to lay in, it helps your body to rejuvenate, even if you get just that one hour extra in bed on the weekend. Getting in to this habit calms your system and prepares your body for rest after a hectic week. Everyone’s natural sleeping is different and by introducing extra hours to allow your body to re-energise will do your health wonders – try it and see for yourself.

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Know when to say no

When you constantly say yes to everything – not only does this have a detrimental effect on your health, it also doesn’t boost your personal or professional wellbeing. There needs to be boundaries, both physically and emotionally to give strong people like yourselves the chance to grow. As much as saying no may disappoint others, it is necessary when it’s just not right.

Randomly do some new things

If you have the capacity to – try at least one new thing a month and make a habit of it. You never know what you may learn could potentially become useful in the future, be it in your personal or professional life. Taking up new activities also broadens horizons when it comes to meeting new people, which also helps to build confidence for even the shyest of souls.

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Hang out with smart people

Believe it or not, I enjoy hanging out with my boss – why? Because he’s got a lot more experience than me in my job role and it’s honestly the fastest way to learn. In both a personal and professional approach, hanging out with people who are smart is one of the best ways to infuse your mind with information and if you have the willingness to learn, it’s a great habit to have.

Ensure ‘me time’ is factored in

Lastly, remember to give yourself some time off to recuperate and allow your brain to process what it’s learnt. Spending some downtime, just relaxing the body and mind and reflect is the best way to re-energise and get yourself back up to speed again. Even the experts recommend it, so it can only be good for your right? Plus, who doesn’t love a day of doing nothing. Make it a habit to have ‘me time’ often, you deserve it.

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What habits do you have and follow often?

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