8 Tips For Long Haul Flights

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Eurgh! That’s the thought I get sometimes when I think of long haul flights, even though after each one, I always say to myself that it wasn’t that bad, but you know – the thought of sitting for over ten hours (sometimes squashed) isn’t my favourite thing about travelling, but the end state is always a joyful one. So, here’s a few helpful tips that I have picked up over the years to ensure you feel as fresh as you can be when you land.

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1 – Wear comfy clothes

This is basically an obvious one, but just thought I’d give you the heads up again, haa! Dig out your comfiest jogging bottoms/pants and the biggest and most oversized sweat top and slouch in that plane seat to your heart’s content. Not only will you feel relaxed throughout the journey, you also don’t have to worry about overindulging in all the plane snacks.

2 – Bring some snacks

Ending off the first point on snacks, it moves nicely on to the second one – bring some snacks with you on the plane because a) you never know when you might get a bit peckish and b) plane food is generally pretty damn awful, so stock your bag up with some tasty treats from good old WH Smiths, Pret, Starbucks, whatever tickles your fancy because the last thing you’d want is to be hangry in the air.

3 – Take some socks

Most of the bigger airlines do provide socks for the flight, but nothing beats your own pair, so bring your softest, fluffiest pair because you may as well make yourself at home, right? My favourite place to get fluffy socks is from good old Primark, they’re so comfy as well as being affordable – you know we are all about that comfort life here on Raining Cake.

4 – Slip off shoes

How many times have you seen people faff about in the security line trying to undo laces/buckles just to get their shoes off for screening? Yeah, don’t be that person and consider opting for a pair of easy slip on/slip off shoes instead. I tend to go for flip flops or sliders because not only will you limit the chance of having to take them off – when you do, it’s quick and easy and yes, you may get cold feet in the air, but that’s why your socks come in handy.

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5 – Inflight and post flight beauty products

When flying long haul, I prefer to go make up free – however, I always ensure I take the essentials on the flight. We are talking a lip balm, a hand cream, a nourishing moisturiser and an eye cream. The skin can get super dehydrated, so moisturising products are a must. Post-flight wise, a toothbrush, some face wipes and a deodorant is enough to freshen up with. To be fair, I’m almost too excited at landing, than thinking about what I look like – generally, all I think about it food when I hit the ground, haa!

6 – Stock up on water

Whilst you can get water on the plane, I always prefer to bring my own bottle just because I can sip away till my heart’s content and not have to call upon the attendants every hour. It’s super important to keep drinking water during a long-haul flight and yes, you may be that annoying person sitting in the window or middle seat having to get out and go to the loo all the time, but at least you’re hydrated.

7 – Take an eye mask

The perfect to lock yourself away from the real world (Haha! The dream), but seriously, an eye mask does help wonders if you want some shut eye and don’t want the light shining in on you. Some airlines do offer eye masks, but it’s always best to bring your own because you know, comfort is always key. I often dab a few dots of lavender oil on mine too, just to help me relax a bit, and eases the tension on long plane journeys.

8 – Two bags are better than one

How many times have you faffed about at airports when a) needing to take your passport out, b) having to put your passport away, c) showing your boarding pass or d) getting your money out to pay for something all whilst everything is packed a backpack for example? Carrying a backpack or shoulder tote is great for travelling because you can put literally everything in, but when it comes to all the faff, it is best to also carry a small bum-bag or cross body just to put all the essentials in – this way, everything you need to within an easy reach and you won’t hold up queues.

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Do you fly long haul often? Do you have any tips on how to survive them?

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