A Personal Touch For Our Wedding

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Can you believe it’s less than two months until my wedding – it’s come around so quickly and I cannot cope! As much as I regard myself as a non-stressy person, I am starting to do a count down and it’s starting to make me feel a little bit nervous. Not going to lie, since the venue was booked, I starting trawling Pinterest for inspiration and ideas and whilst it was great, it was also making me want everything which definitely isn’t good for my bank balance.

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Having said that, it has given me loads of scope for DIY projects and one idea in particular, caught my eye and I was hellbent on recreating it. Sourcing the props weren’t hard either which was a bonus and thanks to the final touch, received last week, I am all set for this project in the next few weeks. Said final touch was The Wedding Box by my favourite photo printing company, Cheerz. I have used them numerous times for prints and they have always been great, from the ordering process to delivery, it was always a smooth journey. The app, in particular is great if you want to print images straight off your phone and I highly recommend it to everyone.

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The Wedding Box is perfect for those who want to create a personal touch for their wedding. I decided to also print lots of pictures of our friends and family too for display too to show them just how much they mean to us. The Wedding Box offers a generous amount of prints which is great for those who have lots of photos they would like to print – it definitely worked in my favour. Within the box, there is a small bag of pegs and some string to create the perfect bunting decoration. In my case, I am actually attaching the pictures to fairy lights which is going to look awesome at our wedding, I can already tell, heee!

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The lovely guys at Cheerz are offering you all 20% off their products with the code: RAININGCAKE20 – so if you fancy getting yourself some snazzy little prints, snap up the offer before it’s too late!


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