3 Things To Do When You Have Lost Motivation

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The amount of times I have lost motivation – let’s not even talk about that shall we, as I won’t even be able to count.

Around 4 years ago, I had a bad bout of it - my team at my last job went through a restructure, where I was lucky to keep my post, the rest of the team had suffered. At that point in my life, even though, I knew I was safe, I wasn’t feeling the role I was left with and watching each and one of my old team members lose motivation while frantically trying to search for new roles left me with the worst stress levels ever. I ended up losing all ounces of motivation for the job I had and got to the point where I blocked out anything to do with work and literally just floated from place to place, day by day. For me, motivation was a game, I would try to make myself do something, while my mind avoided doing it and I never knew whether I was going to win or lose.

When I eventually got out of that rut by practising mindfulness – it really opened my thoughts and positively recharged my brain. Nowadays, I reflect on key things regularly to support a more mindful mindset on things and here I am to share 3 of the main ones…..

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You always have a choice

If you choose to be negative then you’ll find all the reasons to stop and be stagnant, however, if your choice is to be positive, then you’ll have so many reasons to step forward and smile. The most powerful way to combat stress is our ability to pick positive thoughts over negative ones so train your mind to always see the good in everything and everyone.

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Effort is never wasted

The old saying of ‘as long as you know you did good, then that’s all that matters’ rings true for this point. Always remember that effort is never wasted even if it leads to disappointing outcome. The result will always make you feel motivated, stronger, and experienced. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, just because you’re struggling, it does not mean you’re failing – even the world’s biggest successes went through some struggles to get there.

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Know when to let go

One of the most rewarding moments of life is when you find the courage to let go of what can’t be changed no matter how much time and effort you put in to it. When you start to stop worrying about what you can’t control or fearing the outcome of letting go, you will have more time to focus on the things you can control and that completely changes everything. Letting go isn’t a sign of failure, letting go is a sign that you’re ready to move on.

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It’s never too late to do what you want to do and be what you want to be. Take today as the first day to moving a step closer and I hope that, that alone motivates you to get back on your feet.

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What do you try to remember when you’re struggling and need that extra bit of oomph of motivation?



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