4 Ways To Change Up Your Beauty Routine For Winter

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With the weather slowly getting colder, it’s the best time to experiment with your beauty and make up routine to ensure you are getting the right products on your skin. It’s also an exciting opportunity to discover new brands and try out new trends, I always love switching up my routine as the season changes and especially for winter when I need all the moisture and nourishment. Winter is the perfect time to experiment and find the best possible beauty gems for your skin.

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Start with skincare

As soon as the cold weather sinks in and that heating comes on, our skin instantly feels dehydrated and potentially sore. As well as packing on the moisturiser, it might be worth adding that extra layer with a facial oil. Especially during the night, when your skin is at its best rate of regeneration, putting oil on your skin allows it to sink it quicker and deeper. My current go-to is the Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir which I absolutely love - it’s super lightweight and sinks in to my skin instantly. The result in the morning is: radiant, refreshed and even looking skin.

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Switching foundation and powder

During the summer, we normally opt for lighter foundations, but during the winter, it’s the best time to switch to a more fuller coverage bases due to the sheer fact it’s much more nourishing. Powders also add that extra layer for a more refined finish because there is no way we will sweat it off when the weather is cold. The Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation has been on my ‘try list’ for the longest time and I can confirm that after the wait, it was well worth it as it’s probably one of the best foundations I have ever tried. It gives me a lovely dewy finish and keeps my skin hydrated. As for powder, I am loving the MUA Ultra-Fine Loose Setting Powder in Illuminating Lilac. A light dusting creates the perfect finishing to any make up look without feeling and looking too cakey.

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Play with haircare

Haircare is something I switch up on a regular basis, ranging from shampoo/conditioner to oils and treatments. When Tropic launched a haircare range, I was so, so excited to try it. I already love their skincare products and just knew their hair products were going to be just as good. Changing what you regularly use is actually good for the hair as it gives it a tolerance to different products which in turn makes it more susceptible to new things. During the winter, I tend to use hair treatments more often and the Tropic Nourishing Hair Cleanser and Hair Smooth Radiance Oil are super nourishing and leaves my hair feeling extra hydrated at all times.

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Opt for a lighter scent

I know when it comes to the winter season, we all want to cosy up and be warm and sometimes that translates in to our beauty routine especially for scent. A lot of us tend to go for more heavier and warmer fragrances, but why not switch it up and opt for a lighter scent this winter. Elle released a new perfume, L’Edition late last year and it’s perfect for crisp, winter days when you don’t want something too heavy, just a subtle, light scent to get you through the day.

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Do you change up your routine as the seasons change?


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