Are You Ready To Show More Skin This Spring?

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Dare I say it, but I simply can’t wait for the weather to turn and start wearing summer dresses and shorts again. This cold weather has got me all kinds of sad and I just want to be warm and embrace the sunshine again. Having just said that, I have been slacking with my beauty routine over the winter season and it might be the right time to get started on it again. I want to lock in a proper body care routine which I feel like I've lacked quite a bit as well as establishing a proper exercise schedule in hope that it will all be worth it in the summer. I've put together a few tips to help me get started and if you're on the same boat, I hope it helps you too.

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Working Out

One of the things I believe I should start my day with is toning up. This doesn’t necessarily involve spending hours at the gym each day, but I want to try to work out regularly to improve my digestion, detox, and increase my metabolic rate. I need to remember that small changes make a lot of difference if I stick with a plan and as start, I treated myself to some new gym trainers and clothes - let's do this!

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Find the Perfect Tan

No one wants to look like a sheet of paper during the summer, and for those who know me well know that I love experimenting with different tanning solutions and creams. My current go-to is the Tan Airbrush In A Can and Natural Tan Self-Tan Lotion by Model Co - depending on the colour I'm trying achieve, these both work amazing on my skin and give me the most natural glow always. No matter if you are a fan of a salon spray tan or would like to use the fake tan creams weekly for the right natural results without damaging your skin, shortlisting the right method for when the good weather arrives ensures you don’t look too pale when everyone else is already tanned.

Embracing Stretch Marks

It is hard to avoid getting stretch marks, and one of those things that we don't need to hide. Mother nature gave us a body that changes and I definitely don't feel ashamed or embarrassed by mine. Whilst everyone wants smooth and younger looking skin for the summer, it is not always achievable. However, there are some tips that I have followed that has helped boost my collagen production such as going to the sauna which is fab during the winter and using body scrubs such as the Evolve Tropical Blossom Body Polish which smells incredible and makes my skin feel super soft. I always top off my scrub with a body moisturiser and I currently love the Superdrug  Oat & Coconut Softening Cream.

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At the start of the year, I promised myself that I would start accessorising my outfits a bit more. I absolutely adore earrings and have so many pairs, but I rarely wear them and I was always told that one of the best ways of enhancing an outfit and expressing personality is to wear jewellery. Be it a cute little bracelet, a delicate necklace or even body jewellery like belly bars (I actually had mine pierced at the age of 18 and still love it to date), accessorising is always a winner when it comes to completing a full outfit.

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I am so ready to start getting prepared for the summer, I've actually got a little corner in my room now where I've started to pile up my new summer garms, eeek! Are you done with winter now?

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