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For all the interior design magazines out there and all the fashions that come and go, the most important thing to think about when you design your home interior is your own personality. No matter whether you subscribe to a particular style like minimalism or you have your own ideas, your home must reflect you to be successful.

It does take some confidence to design your home exactly as you want it - we are all influenced by fashion and other people’s judgement. But, if you are brave with your taste for old charm furniture combined with bright colors, or you finally ditch all your stuff to go all out minimalist, you will be surprised by how happy it will make you.

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Look to Fashion for Inspiration

Your fashion style is often a good indication of what you would like for your home. For example, if you tend to wear lots of jewel colors, this is probably going to work well for your interior too. In fact, many interior designers look to fashion for inspiration. Your wardrobe can also give you an indication of the kind of patterns and fabrics you like.

In 2019, interior design is undergoing a massive overhaul as minimalism is replaced by maximalism, texture gets piled into featureless rooms and bright colors make a splash where cool greys and creams once ruled. The great news with this is that as fashion remains in flux, you will have plenty of inspiration to go with.

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Create Mood Boards

A mood board is often the best way to see how different combinations could work out. You could start with a main colour such as a swatch for paint or a wallpaper sample and then build from there. Alternatively, if you have a particular piece of artwork or you’ve got your eye on a large piece of furniture, you could start here and add in paint and wallpaper samples.

Mood boards are really fun to make and you can try all kinds of different combinations with colours and styles. Print off pictures of furniture and fittings and play around with a few alternatives. Whether your mood board is for a garden or for your living room, this is the cheapest way to experiment.

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Be Bold and Experiment

Fashion is all about being bold and experimenting with new ideas. This is true whether you are a top designer at a big fashion house or you are just having fun with your own home. It is this philosophy that has led to surprising ideas like the black bathroom (very big this year) which has quite literally turned classic white tiles on their head.

Not every idea will work out and it certainly won’t be popular with everyone but this is exactly why you should try new things. A bad paint colour can always be painted over (even if you need a couple of layers to prime!) and the wrong cushions can be easily replaced. A few risks here and there can make a real difference so go for it!

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