Simple Changes To Boost Your Happiness in 2019

simple changes to boost your happiness in 2019
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Do you feel like you could be a bit happier? We all do, to an extent. But when we are concocting an action plan to be happier, it's not about making massive changes. In fact, it's about the little things.

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Fixing That Little Aesthetic Issue

Sometimes, we've got something we feel really self-conscious about, for me, it's the gap in my teeth and I've subconsciously developed a habit where I don't open my mouth much, especially in pictures because I'm fearful of someone making a comment on it. I actually booked in to get braces when I was a lot younger, but failed to turn up appointments due to being so scared. But, over the years, I have seen people with invisible braces, such as those made by Invisalign, that do a good job of making them look, well, invisible, especially when you see Invisalign vs traditional braces. The bottom line of this point is, if we’ve got a little issue and we're not happy about it, if you can and you want to, then do something about it.

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Your Diet Might Be Making You Miserable

If you have a food intolerance, or you eat an abundance of sugar, depression and anxiety aren't far behind. But rather than making a major overhaul to your diet, it's best to begin by adding healthy ingredients into your main meals, and acclimatising to a healthier lifestyle. For example, changing one part of your meal rather than the entire plate is the perfect way to begin. If you don't eat salad, put a little bit on the side of your plate.

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Find A Purpose

If you feel that all you do is work, and it's for nothing, then you could benefit from getting a little bit more out of life. Volunteering could be a great way to help others, but also it encourages you to socialise more. Socialising promotes happiness in so many ways that if you find yourself being stuck in that daily grind you need to get out more. We don't need to have an almighty purpose in life; sometimes the answer is deceptively simple.

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Look After Your Body More

We all know it; exercise boosts endorphins, the feel good hormone. If we don't exercise at all and we embrace a sedentary lifestyle, this is contributing to our general unhappiness. Exercise won't rid anybody of depression but once you get into the routine of exercising, you will feel worse when you haven't worked out. Don't feel that you have to run a marathon right away, as with anything in life, you build up gradually. A lot of people talk about the fact that they don't have time to exercise, in which case, focus on doing 10 push-ups at home, you will have a decent work out of the very beginning. And as you build up, you will get stronger, which will make you feel better, but also happier in how you've progressed.

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To increase your happiness, you don't have to chase the big things, simplicity is where it counts. After all, in life it is the little things that provide the framework of happiness. So if you think you can benefit from being a bit happier, don't go for the seismic changes, start small!



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