Theatre Shows Everyone Should See Once

what theatre shows to watch in london

If your New Year's resolution in 2019 is to try new things and get out of the house more often, there  will likely be a lot of different activities you have thought about trying. One activity in particular which can be great is to visit the theatre, and this can be a great activity to do with friends, family and groups too. Here are some of the most essential shows you have to see at the theatre at least once in your life.

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Les Miserables

Before Les Miserables became a hit movie back in 2012, it was a musical which would play at the london theatre as well as all over the world. Before that, it was a book about the revolution in France and was a heartfelt read. If you have never seen this amazing play, it is time to go to the theatre right now and enjoy the ride. It is a show full of heart and soul and life, and you’ll be crying from beginning to end!

Rocky Horror Show

If you haven’t done the Time Warp, where have you been for the last 20 years? Rocky Horror Show is one of those cult movies and theatre shows which is loved by so many and it has a huge following all over the world. Get your corset and fishnet tights on and have a fun night out with the girls, or the lads, watching this funny flick.


This is one of those plays with a poster that everyone can recognise a mile away… mostly because it is a giant green witch. Wicked is a show which is full of amazing songs and heart and it should be at the top of your wish list for this year.

The Lion King

Who doesn’t love the Lion King? After the success of the movie in 1994, this was adapted into the stage using robot animal props and some amazing actors. This play is a once in a lifetime experience and it is one which you absolutely have to come and see in 2019. If you love Disney, it will be a trip to paradise for you and you’ll be singing along from the moment the curtain opens.


War Horse

War horse is adapted from a stunning novel and it is one of those plays which will make you question everything you know about the world. The way the acting is done on stage here is truly phenomenal and you’ll forget that you aren’t watching real horses living their lives on the front lines. It is a play guaranteed to make you cry as you watch a stunning horse go through his life in the midst of the war. .

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There are so many other incredible shows that you could watch during 2019 and beyond, but these ones have to pick out the best parts of the theatre and they are shows which you will remember for a lifetime afterwards. So go and buy yourself some tickets and get dressed up for the night!



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