Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Plants

how to decorate your home with plants

When you are planning the interior of your home you will be considering what colours and styles to use. Whatever your plans are though, plants can be incorporated. They add colour to your rooms and help to keep the air fresh, which has to be a bonus. You do not just need to have a plant pot on a windowsill, there are lots of ways you can enjoy their colour and make them part of your décor.

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Use A Trolley

If you have an old tea trolley, or something similar, give it a coat of paint to smarten it up and then use it as a plant stand. You could have several plants of various sizes and styles and make a really beautiful display for your living room.

Forget Terracotta

Terracotta plants pots tend to look as though they belong outside. For the inside of your property you will find all different colours and sizes. Find some that match the décor of the room and have several of them either together in one spot, or dotted about.  Matching the pot to the décor makes it blend in and puts the focus onto the plant instead.

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Hanging Plants

Plant hangers can add some unexpected flair to a room and with all the different varieties they come in, there is no shortage to choose from. These can be especially good in bathrooms and kitchens, and the plants generally love the moisture in the air.

Places Plants Will Thrive

Plants do not like extreme heat or extreme cold. Bearing this in mind you may think that they would not do too well in a conservatory. However, if you have insulated the conservatory roof, the extremes of temperature are far less likely to happen and the plants will thrive because of all the sunlight they will get. A family friend recently insulated their conservatory roof using Rundle and Dorey and they're so chuffed with the results. Plants will always thrive when they get the sunlight they need, but you have to be careful that you do not put them in direct line of the sun, as then they might burn.

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Large Standard Plants

This is probably the most traditional way of adding plants to your home. Have a large pot with a large plant in the corner of a room, or next to your sofa or armchair. As the plant grows, often they have large leaves that will need taking care off, but the beauty they give in return is worth the effort. Of course, you have to be careful that it does not grow too large as then it will take over the room rather than be part of it.

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Now, the last question is; Do plants actually survive in homes? Some people will tell you that no matter how careful they are, they do not have success with plants in their homes. If you ask them what they do it always seems that they do exactly what they should, and often there is no apparent reason for their failures. Others are very good at growing plants and you will always see plenty of them in their homes. I've had a bit of both when it comes to maintaining and keeping plants alive, some good and some bad, but that's not to say I don't love having plants, It's always nice to have some greenery in the home, especially now that spring is well and truly on it's way.

What are your thoughts on having plants at home? Do you like them?

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