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Classic furniture has always been a favourite of mine - simply because it's always in style and it just never goes out of fashion. Within this umbrella, a lot of furniture manufacturers have designed and created versatile pieces that are priced competitively. There are styles that suit any designer look you may want, from traditional opulence to sleek, modern urban living.

But with so much choice available on the market, it's always so hard to narrow down options. Practicality is always a good place to start - in modern homes, space is always at a premium and when being a hoarder like me (lols) and you have too many belongings, it may be wise to consider storage options like Storebox services before you starting any home design process. There is nothing worse than a room that’s so cluttered with furniture, people can barely move around it without bumping into things. Nor do you want to overwhelm any sense of style and design you may want your classic furniture to have.

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Do the basics

Before you go shopping, start with the basics: analyse the space you have available. Measure and draw out the dimensions of your room to scale on a piece of graph paper. You only need a rough idea – it doesn’t need to be to an architect’s standard! Next, consider the essentials: for instance, if you’re looking for what’s considered classic bedroom furniture, then obviously, a bed is going to be a must. But what size? The difference between a small double and a king-size bed can make a big impact on a small room. Will you need one or two bedside tables, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe? Can you fit in a blanket box to store the family’s clean bedding out of sight? Try making paper cut-outs of each possibility, to scale, and lay them onto your room sketch in different configurations. This will give you a better idea of how much space you have available in your home; and what size classic furniture bedroom options will either fit comfortably or look out of place.

Maybe you’re desperately short of storage space for your own belongings. Luckily, in this day and age, a lot of home interior companies design their wares with precisely this issue in mind. And it’s definitely something to consider when you’re shopping around for home furniture. Say you are fitting out your living room after decorating it. You may be after side tables on which to stand a lamp, a coaster, and your evening glass of wine.

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Consider all aspects

Don’t just consider the look of the piece, though that is obviously important. What other benefits does it offer? A lamp table will typically offer not only a drawer, but also an under-shelf. You’ll have somewhere to store all those remote controls out of sight; and space for magazines or books, as well as the table top itself. This is all without taking up very much floor space. Alternatively, you could opt for a nest of tables. If you entertain frequently, the two smaller tables can be set out for guests to stand their drinks on; but when not in use, they tuck neatly away.

So the message is to consider how you will use each piece of classic design furniture and what value it will add to the room overall before you lay out your hard-earned cash.

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Are you more of classic or modern furniture person?


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