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They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and while it’s difficult to resist the smell of cooking and coffee, however the heart can be wherever you build it.

Most families typically congregate in the living room, or if you have one, a rec room. In general, this living space is home to movie nights, long conversations and a mishmash of everyone belongings. That’s what makes it so uniquely ‘you’.

Although, with all of that family footfall, comes a lot of tidying up and a need to make it cosy and welcoming from top to bottom.

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The lighting in a room makes a big difference to the general ambience. During the day try and allow as much daylight in as possible. The dappled sunlight in the spring and summer are gorgeous and relaxing.

During the autumn and the winter when the nights draw in earlier, you might be tempted to just switch on the ‘big’ light. Think about some cool lampshades that diffuse the light more softly around the room.

Or, perhaps some up lighting which sets an immediate intimacy- perfect for snuggling up and sharing a box of chocolates while watching the latest release on Netflix.

Fairy lights, no matter where they are placed make a room feel soft and welcoming, and you can pick up a string of battery operated ones from many pounds stores.

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There are a lot of things that you can add to a room to enhance the comfort levels. Pick up a wicker box or ottoman and pack it out with multiple blankets.

The floor can make a big difference. Laminate is nice and easy to clean but isn’t always conducive to lolling about in the floor reading or drawing - which kids are prone to do. A decent hard wearing tufted carpet can be the perfect solution. Plus, they retain heat a little bit better so it will keep the room cosier in the winter.

If you get these in a range of fabrics like wool, fleece, and faux fur, then you can mix and match according to the weather. Snow might call for all of the fluffy blankets. Meanwhile, a mild summers eve might simply need a light throw.

Cushions are such an integral part of comfort we forget they’re there - until they’re not. Big soft chenille cushions, smaller softer woven ones that are a bit firmer give great support for those who like to lay on the couch or want some extra back support.

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Busy Time

Of course, you enjoy spending time all together but try to make sure that the room doesn’t just centre around the television. Movie nights are great, and all but having books that people can grab off the shelves and read is pretty lovely.

A box of colouring pencils and some mindful colouring book can provide hours of peaceful entertainment (until the kids decide they both need that exact blue!)

A Sonos or other speaker can provide hours of relaxing tunes or upbeat ones when you feel like it. After all who doesn’t love having their favourite music in the background as they go about their day.

Are you a fan of cosy living spaces?

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