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When it comes to the outdoors, spending time in your garden or outdoor space may be a little hit and miss depending on the weather and whether you actually enjoy the space itself. But a garden should be enjoyed and if you’re looking for some inspiration on tips for your own outdoor area, here’s a few to get you started.

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Invest In An Outdoor Lounge

Outdoor furniture can really transform a space and help make your garden more attractive and appealing to sit out in, no matter what time of year it may be. So invest in some pieces that are going to evoke these feelings but are durable enough for most weather types. You can also find ones where it’s easy to store away the soft furnishings, so don’t be afraid of cushioned sofas or seating because some might even be waterproof.

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Design With Decking

Decking can add a new level to your space and is a great way of separating one area from another. Picking the right decking for your garden should be considered with a lot of thought. Perhaps you’d like it attached to the property or towards the back of the garden. Composite decking is great to use because the wood is low-maintenance and high-quality that will withstand all the elements that the seasons have to throw at it. Whether it’s throwing a BBQ or making the most of the Summer sun, decking is a great feature in any outdoor space.

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Experiment With Textures And Colours

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to textures and colours. With a vast amount of flowers and plants to choose from, you can really go wild with creativity. Do your research and find ones that will be best for you, depending on the level of gardening you enjoy doing. Different textures like gravel and stone are great for something different than just traditional grass. A garden is a place you can have more freedom with because if it doesn’t work, you can simply pull it out of the ground and start again.

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Upgrade Old Furniture

Old furniture that lies around in your garden can often be the big negative that stops you enjoying the space. So, maybe it’s time to do a little upgrading and even a little DIY to your current furniture to make it into something new. If there’s a bench or a kid’s swing that’s falling apart, you could restyle this and make it into a flower bed. The possibilities are endless, so get creative and use Pinterest a great source for inspiration.

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New furniture in the space can also lift your mood up, so replace anything that can be upgraded or fixed. Aim to buy furniture that’s durable during wet weather, wood and waterproof materials are best. Transforming your outdoor space can be fun, so think about your own personality and how you can inject some of that personality in your own garden or outdoor area. Use the tips provided to get started.

Do you have any outdoor space that you would love to decorate?

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  1. 25th February 2019 / 2:15 pm

    We bought our garden furniture 3 years ago and it looked bleached after 2 seasons. We used linseed oil to bring its red mahogany color back and now it looks as good as new again.

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