3 Stunning Outdoor Lighting Ideas

outdoor lighting
outdoor lighting ideas

While most homeowners are accustomed to considering the lighting inside their home, less thought is dedicated to exterior lighting. Often, outdoor lighting is usually seen as functional-only; something used for security rather than decoration.

However, used correctly, outdoor lighting can truly transform a property, both in terms of aesthetic appeal and sheer usability. If you have previously overlooked the possibilities of a more expansive approach to outdoor lighting, here are a few ideas you may want to consider…

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String lights

For a soft glow that adds to the ambience of any evening, string lights - which are sometimes known as fairy lights - are tough to beat. While this type of lighting is often associated with Christmas, string lighting can genuinely be beneficial throughout the year - a perfect choice for any outdoor party that continues long after night has fallen.

There are plenty of different ways you can hang string lights, but there’s a great starter guide at https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/lighting/ if you’re in need of inspiration.

outdoor lighting ideas
pathway lighting
Step and handrail lights

Making your way up a set of porch or garden steps in the dark is never a particularly enjoyable task. It is often tempting to simply floodlight the entire area to mitigate the dangers posed by negotiating steps in full darkness, but this is expensive and not particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Thankfully there are more elegant options available with step lights from the likes of https://www.lumenalights.com/shop/ that are particularly worthy of consideration. Rather than bathing the entire area with light, step lights allow you to illuminate the steps individually, a neat, effective solution that nevertheless helps to preserve safety. It’s also worth running a line of LEDs along any handrail you have for your steps for added safety.

lighting ideas
lighting ideas outdoors
Pathway lighting

In its purest form, pathway lighting is rather simple, with lights helping to illuminate a walkway much to the benefit of both your safety and the look and feel of your outdoor space. However, pathway lighting also offers the opportunity to do something different, with a huge variety of pathway lighting options available on the market.

The most obvious solution for pathway lighting is lampposts, with classic Victorian-style lamp posts, in particular, offering an old-timey feel that many homeowners love. Alternatively, if your design preferences tend more towards the contemporary, carefully-spaced spotlights can help mark both edges of a path while still lighting the way clearly. Finally, stake lights could be considered to be a blend of the two, positioning the light above ground level but still avoiding the need for overhead lighting that completely bleaches the space. Whichever suits you best, you can be sure that pathway lighting will add extra appeal to the exterior of your property with ease.

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Outdoor lighting is an excellent choice for those seeking to improve the look of the outside of their home while also adding functionality that allows the space to be used safely all year round. Hopefully, the tips above will serve to spark your imagination and allow you to implement your chosen outdoor lighting idea in future.

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