3 Tips For A Healthier Summer

howt to stay healthy this summer

Summer is on the way, and with it comes the temptations of ice creams and barbecue foods, long hours trying to get a tan on the beach and in our gardens, and well-deserved breaks away from our home and work environments. For these and many other reasons, the summer is awesome!


The summer season can also be a hindrance to our health, partly because of some of the reasons I've listed above, so care needs to be taken. To ensure you enjoy this most wonderful of seasons, without the consequences of ill-health, follow the below 3 tips for a healthier summer.

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Do something active

The summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind, but it's all about a balance. You don't have to take a break from your regular exercise routine because of the rising temperatures, so find something active to do during your time away from work.

So, you might do something active with your family and friends, be that playing games together in your garden, or taking part in an outdoors hobby that you can all enjoy and benefit from. Or you might do something active alone, be that cooling down at your local swimming pool with a healthy swim, or by going for a cycle ride around your local park.

Make sure you do something active every day to fully feel the benefits of a healthy lifestyle but remember to amp up the fun factor too to really make your summer shine!

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Get out in the garden

Your garden has many benefits for your health. It can give you the opportunity to rest and recharge, perhaps with a good book and a cool summer cocktail. It's the perfect space to play and have fun with your family and friends, and this can help you to both de-stress and do something active during your day. And by getting down and dirty in the garden, tending to your crops and plant life, you can also work your muscles while benefiting from the labours of your hard work with any healthy foods you may have grown.

Don't have a garden? No problem. For relaxation and garden games, migrate to the park or another piece of public land that might afford you the possibility. And for your gardening, you could always cultivate a flower box on your window, purchase a greenhouse appropriate to the size of your yard space from Greenhouse Stores, or check your neighborhood for any community gardens that are available for you to benefit from.

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Be mindful of your diet

It can be easy to slip into bad dietary habits during the summer, so make every effort to avoid them and replace them with something better.

So, while you will need to stay hydrated during the warm days of the season, you might want to cool yourself down with one of these delicious offerings, instead of your usual alcoholic or sugary beverages.

And when it comes to your summer barbecues, you should cut down on those meats that are only going to add to your calorie intake, and replace them with healthier barbecue options, that are both delicious and calorific!

Focus on healthy eating and drinking options when on vacation too. Pack your own food and drinks to avoid unhealthier options from food vans and the like, and research places to eat and drink in advance, opting for those places with healthier choices to satisfy your appetites.


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I hope these tips were useful to you, but if you have any healthy summer tips of your own, be sure to share them with me.

Take care, and thanks for reading!



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