Making Our Home A Real Investment By Adding More Value To It

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When buying a new place, it's not just about it being the “perfect” home, but it's about being the perfect investment. The fact of the matter is that life throws numerous things in our direction, and we may have to give up on our dream home. But, rather than having to sell it off for a fraction of the cost, one of the things we could do over time to make it a bit more of an attractive investment to potential buyers. In essence, we need to make the home more valuable, but what really are the best ways for us to do it?

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Knowing The Initial Value Of The Property

This is the best place to begin. Because you are looking to maximise the potential value of the property, you also don't want to spend so much that you won't recoup the cost. You need to know the initial value of the property, and give consideration to the other aspects, such as curb appeal, as well as the area the property is in, so you can get an overall appreciation of the value, and from there, you can craft a better budget to build up accordingly.

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Being Energy Efficient

These days, we want our home to save us money, and with the rising energy bills, and the fact that the weather changes its tune from one day to the next, we've got to have a home that's energy efficient. When you build an extension, like a conservatory, it's important to ensure that these extensions that, although may add value to the property, can eat away at your household bills. But this is where contractors like Rundle and Dorey can provide insulation. Insulation is one small aspect of an energy efficient home. If you want to get a good idea of how much money you could be wasting, get yourself a smart meter, and in fact, you can make your entire home a smart one. By getting an understanding of how much money you're wasting on your utilities, you can then make the appropriate fixes so the home doesn't haemorrhage electricity or lose heat through the walls.

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Not Going For Fads

If you want your home to sell at a good value, the temptation is always to bring it bang up-to-date, but what's popular now may not be in 20 years’ time. You only have to look at the interior trends of the 1970's and 1980's to see that things can age very badly. What's important is that you don't go for the modern fads, but think about preserving the home in a timeless fashion. This can be a very difficult thing to achieve, but as you gain an appreciation of the home and its unique character, you can maximise certain aspects so that it does have a charm, but also can be valuable in the future. A good example is the kitchen; by extending onto this you are making the most popular room in the home a big draw for any potential buyers. After all, a big kitchen is the most desired trait of any house buyer.

Do you have any tips on making the best out of homes in terms of adding value? If yes, I would love know.


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