Nature Inspired Interior Decor Tips For Your Wellbeing

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It’s proven that being in the great outdoors has significant benefits for your health. A picnic in the park to a stroll through the local community garden can help to clear your mind following a heated argument or shake off the worries that may have followed you throughout the day. With these stress-busting benefits, the outdoors has to offer, it almost seems necessary to bring the outdoors in and use nature perks whenever we can. Whether splashing a few outdoorsy elements in each room or overhauling your bedroom entirely to create a patch of serenity, improving your home life may be more simple than you think. The ideas planted below are just a few of the ways you can improve your home life with mother nature in mind.

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Stone Wall

To add a rustic, cosy touch indoors, it appears a trend that was desired years ago is making a return to our homes. You may be familiar with stone for garden wall’s dawning the border of peoples gardens, but this feature actually settles quite well indoors too. For instance, you may use it as a feature wall for your kitchen/diner, create a chimney breast effect in the living room, or use it as a backwash above the kitchen surfaces. The opportunities for its placement are limitless, and in turn, you bring a bit of the outdoors in, instantly adding texture and interest to a bland room, or enhancing your existing decor with a touch of natures charm.

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Flowers have significant health benefits for your home with the power to influence a calming atmosphere, and purify the air, ridding your home of harmful pollutants. Whether real or faux a wide assortment of indoor shrubs and plants are available online and in-store, especially this time of year. And you needn't worry whether there are plant species to fit in with your decor,  greenery usually poses no problems in either relaxing into the background or taking centre stage as a focal point. Be it lavender, a peace lily or a bonsai tree, purchase a small selection indoors and reap gain a lot back for your wellbeing.

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Colour Scheme

When I think of natures colours, I may spring to the generic options of blue and green, in relation to the sky, ocean, and land, however, you needn't limit your selection to this palette. When choosing colours to represent nature, extend your thoughts to the plethora of hues available in the tropical rainforest, mountain tops, perhaps even the colours associated with an erupting volcano, in doing so, you shall discover inspiration outside of the confinements of blue and green, and be opened up to a world of colours, literally.

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If your happiest place is being amongst nature, then incorporating this into your home is a path you may feel compelled to take to improve the quality of your life indoors. Add plants to decrease stress, place nature-inspired art in the rooms you use the most, and declutter windows with spectacular views of your garden. Each step will enable you to get closer to nature while remaining indoors.


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