Can’t Afford To Travel The World Right Now? Then Bring Its Best Features Home Instead

cant afford to travel the world now? then bring its best features home instead

Everyone loves the thought of travelling the world in style. Unfortunately, the bank account doesn’t always let you. Rather than getting down in the dumps about it, why not do the next best thing?   

 Try replicating some of the best things about popular holiday destinations at home. Whether it’s a staycation or a way to fill the time on the weekend, these ideas are ideal.

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Best of France: Enjoy the Art

There are many things to adore about the city of love, but there’s no doubt that the art plays an integral role in the culture. While you can’t bring the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, or Eiffel Tower to your home, you can at least enjoy the art.

Whether it’s painting or sculpting, creating your own versions of those landmarks is a lot of fun. Stick on some French music, and you’ll be all set. Even if you’re not an artistic person, you can always cheat with a simple project like painting by numbers. Or building crafts that simply require assembly.

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Best of Italy: Enjoy the Food

Delighting the taste buds is undoubtedly one of the great joys of any holiday. However, Italian cuisine has a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s a tasty pizza or delicious pasta dish, those hearty meals are always a winner. Cooking them at home using authentic recipes is the obvious answer. It can transport your mind to the heart of Milan or Rome.

It’s not quite the same as having a local chef cook for you while you overlook a stunning backdrop. Still, adding those recipes to your repertoire can bring rewards for many years to come. Meanwhile,  you can create a romantic vibe in the comfort of your home.

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Best of India: Enjoy the Holi

Holiday adventures aren’t only about seeing the sights. Embracing the local people and cultural events is equally crucial. The Holi festival is one of the best in India, and it attracts thousands of foreign visitors each year. However, if you cannot afford to go, you can replicate the atmosphere at home.

One option is to have a garden party with friends and relatives. More commonly, though, you can visit the colour festival held in your nearest major city. Invest in the right Holi powder, and you can have a huge amount of fun. It’s a chance to appreciate the Hindu beliefs, and the idea of uniting with people.

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Best of America: Enjoy the Pop Culture

America is known for many things and places, but its impact on pop culture is top of the list. Visiting the drive through cinema, watching your local basketball team, or eating at an American style diner doesn’t matter. You can enjoy those pop culture references with great effect to help emulate the experience of visiting the US of A.

Another popular option is to host an American themed party at your home. A little décor, along with smart food and drink choices will work wonders. It’s not going to spoil your trip if you ever do get out to the States either. It’s simply a great way to have fun and entertainment in the meantime.

What travel destinations are on your bucket list?


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