CCTV Maintenance Checklist

cctv maintenance checklist

You must have saw the title of this post and thought what on earth, am I right? My blog mostly covers fashion, beauty, home, travel and lifestyle content (although, I do see this post as lifestyle related tbh). The truth is, I wanted to share this post as more of a educational piece, and a there is a story behind this subject and that story is, my mum was recently burgled when she was away on holiday and although, there was a CCTV camera in the perimeter, it wasn't enough to catch who the culprits were. A few days after the burglary, I took my niece to a birthday party and one of her little friend's dad works in security and we had a good old conversation about burglaries and how common it is these days. We then went on to discuss how to try and prevent it and as his working background was security, he gave me some good tips in regards to how best to maintain cameras in and outside of your house. So that basically triggered this post and I do hope you find it useful even though it's a little different to what I normally share.

A lot more households these days have some form of camera installed in form of deterrent to burglars. Unfortunately, once people have their CCTV installed they tend to neglect it afterwards. However, your CCTV system is just like any other electrical gadget and so it requires maintenance. If you don’t upkeep your system then you can easily find that the pictures are distorted or that the recording doesn’t even work. Imagine how frustrating it would be when you go to look over your footage and the screen is blank or you cannot really make out what is happening. Because of this, it is integral that you carry out CCTV maintenance checks on a frequent basis. You can use the following checklist in order to decipher whether any CCTV maintenance is required...

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Do you need to carry out CCTV maintenance?

When assessing whether your CCTV requires any maintenance the first thing you need to do is look at the lens and see whether it is objected in any shape or form. The most notable thing you should look out for is dust. You may think that a little bit of dust is not a problem. However, it can be extremely detrimental – especially for the recording lens. This can result in the recordings being blurred and distorted and thus you may find it difficult to decipher what the footage is showing.

Aside from ensuring that your CCTV system is not dusty, another CCTV maintenance check you need to carry out regularly after home CCTV installation is the date and time stamp. Every week you should do a quick check to see that the time and date is correct. After all, if it is not and has gone unnoticed then you can end up being seriously confused and catching a potential thief becomes somewhat impossible. If someone has broken into your premises at 9.00pm on Thursday yet the time stamp says 11.00pm on Wednesday you are going to have difficulty in finding the individual who committed the crime. After all, the person may have an alibi for the false date and time shown on the CCTV. This is something that my mum learnt the hard way with.

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In addition to the two points mentioned another simple yet often overlooked thing you need to make sure you do is check that the cameras are looking on the area you want them too. It can be very easy for cameras to get moved slightly. If you don’t check them then over a period of time they can easily end up on the viewpoint of something completely different.

Another integral part of CCTV home maintenance is ensuring that you change the tape. It is actually recommended that you use the same tape a mere 12 times only. Anything in excess of this is deemed too much and there is an increased chance that you won’t record properly. Thus, make sure you keep on top of everything by changing the tapes often.

When it comes to CCTV maintenance you also need to consider the different conditions. For example, if you check the CCTV during the day, then how do you know that the lights are still working for night time detection? You need to bear this in mind. After all, it is likely that most burglars are going to strike at evening.

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In addition to all of the points mentioned you also need to check that your cameras are working properly. Remember gadgets can break at times and if you do not check that your camera is capturing properly then you could end up in serious trouble. Check the recording functions too; playback your footage and alike. These checks take a mere two minutes yet they can be worth their weight in gold.

If you carry out the CCTV maintenance checks mentioned in this article then you won’t kick yourself in the foot when your camera has been capturing the wrong part of your premises or the footage being distorted because of a dusty lens.

Hope you found this post useful and I look forward to sharing more 'out of my useful comfort zone' posts with you all soon.


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